Concert Review: The Chainsmokers, 5SOS, and Lennon Stella
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Concert Review: The Chainsmokers, 5SOS, and Lennon Stella

Life's too short... buy the concert tickets.

Concert Review: The Chainsmokers, 5SOS, and Lennon Stella
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Everyone dreams of seeing their favorite bands, live in concert. Over the years, attending live shows has become a passion of mine, and occurs very frequently in my life. A couple weeks ago, I packed my bags for one of my favorite places in the world, New York City. My cousin and I had bought tickets to see a boy band we had both long adored almost a year prior, and it was finally here. There's always something really special about seeing concerts in the city for me, because I know it's sometimes the biggest show for an artist and is always a big deal for me. For example, when has playing at a place like Madison Square Garden not been a big deal?

The concert included the following acts: Lennon Stella, Five Seconds of Summer (5SOS), and the Chainsmokers. The show was held in the largely impressive Barclays Center in Brooklyn. I had never been to this venue before, and was awestruck as I ascended the stairs up from the train, as the venue became visible.

Lennon came on first, performing a variety of her new songs, some I knew all the words to, and some I didn't. She entered the music world as a solo act quite recently. Previously, she was a regular on the television series called Nashville, where she and her younger sister Maisy often performed as a duo. I was very impressed with both her vocals and her adorable two-piece, snakeskin set that she wore on stage.

Up next was my personal favorite, 5SOS. This Australian boy band has been a great love of mine for many years, since first seeing them live, opening up for One Direction. This BArclays show was my third time seeing the band. Since the first couple times seeing them, each member has evolved in unique ways, along with their sound. I always loved all of their old music, such as the hits "She Looks So Perfect" and "Amnesia." Once they released their latest album, I was very excited to hear what they could do. I was impressed at the way they've changed, but have also carried the same fanbase along with them. Along with the newer and more mature sound, the lead singer, Luke HEmmings, has also grown out his hair. Have no fear though, he is still very attractive. Anyways, the group had the same fire on stage as I remembered from years past, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Finally, the Chainsmokers came out to play. It's obvious that the major reason of my attending this show was for 5SOS, but I had always liked the Chainsmokers and was excited to see them live. I was impressed that Drew Taggart, half of the duo, actually provided vocals to a number of songs. I had always assumed that none of their songs had the duo's vocals and thought that they only created the beats for them. Drew was actually very talented vocally, but I felt bad for Alex, the other half, who mostly stayed in the back mixing the tracks. Other than that, the duo kept the crowd very excited with a number of surprises. These included motorcycle cage riders and appearances by both of the other two acts, to perform in the songs they had together.

At the end of the night, as we exited Barclays, I realized how grateful I was to be in one of the greatest cities in the world, with my incredible cousin, singing along to our favorite songs.

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