11 Instagrammable Places In Williamsburg, Brooklyn That You Can’t Help But Take A Photo Of
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11 Instagrammable Places In Williamsburg, Brooklyn That You Can’t Help But Take A Photo Of

That simply screams, "Take my picture!"

11 Instagrammable Places In Williamsburg, Brooklyn That You Can’t Help But Take A Photo Of

Home to Smorgasburg, movie sets, and hipsters, Williamsburg, Brooklyn is your ideal location for Instagram photoshoots. The chic, spirited culture is palpable as you strut the streets. After undergoing a modern transformation, the neighborhood has now become a "young urban professional's paradise" attracting fashionable young-adults, youthful entrepreneurs, and budding families.

At every corner, you'll gawk at the trendy stores, lively bars, and out-of-the-norm finds. Williamsburg is the place to be and all the hipsters know it.

If your feed needs a fresh look, grab your friends, your phone, and start modeling at these instagrammable places found in the energetic Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The Williamsburg Hotel

One of the best Brooklyn based hotels, The Williamsburg Hotel has a rooftop that's known as an "urban oasis." Perched above the bustling streets, it's the perfect spot to snap the best pictures of Williamsburg, and the spectacular views are bound to compliment you in your Insta shot.

The City Reliquary

This quirky museum is an ideal spot for unique photos as it's filled with collections of random artifacts revealing the ins and outs of New York.


Craving a flavorful fish-shaped soft-serve ice cream cone that also supposedly gives good luck? Your Instagram is! This traditional Japanese treat is a unique twist on the classical ice-cream cone.

Williamsburg Bridge

Classic proof that you were in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Opened in 1999, this retro restaurant is a hip-twist on your typical diner, and from your waiter's writing on the paper tablecloth to the aesthetic of the remodeled 19th-century dining car, there's a bunch to use as props for your photoshoot.

Literally any coffee shop

No need for Starbucks when you have the chill ambiance and the high-quality coffee from places like Devoción, Freehold, Sweatshop and Sey Coffee.


This scrumptious Italian restaurant is a renovated auto-body shop; hence, the chic, rustic design and white walls are essential for a classic Instagram background. Not to mention the large ceilings that generate perfect lighting!

Chris Rigg's "Love and Peace"

The vibrant painted murals and graffiti are to die for on the streets of Williamsburg. Specifically, be sure to check out this positive-vibes piece on 175 Marcy Avenue.


I mean, duh! Home of food porn, am I right or am I right?

Dusty Rose Vintage Warehouse

Thrift stores are already great hide-and-go-seek locations, but Dusty Rose Vintage is also ideal for some artsy shots (and vintage buys)!

Dream Machine

An interactive museum about imagination and creativity? That simply screams, "Take my picture!"

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