My NBA Free Agency Predictions: Where Will The Biggest Names Land?
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My NBA Free Agency Predictions: Where Will The Biggest Names Land?

Let’s break out the Crystal Basketball and try to predict the future.

My NBA Free Agency Predictions: Where Will The Biggest Names Land?

If you want accuracy, you probably won't find it here. If you want interesting takes and good fits, then I'm your guy. Here's where I think the biggest free agents in the NBA should go this offseason. Keep in mind that this list is based on where I think these players should go, and not based on what I think will actually happen.

1. Kawhi Leonard: Toronto Raptors

The Raptors just won the title with Kawhi, where he won the Finals MVP. The entire country of Canada revered him, and the Raptors are prepared to offer max money. If he leaves the Raptors, then there is no God.

2. Kyrie Irving: Brooklyn Nets

The Nets want to make a splash this year, and signing a great player like Kyrie is one way to do that. While not a contender with just him, pairing him with another max player could make the Nets a legitimate team.

3. Klay Thompson: Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder have been missing a knockdown shooter and a lockdown defender to put them over the top. Thompson and Westbrook complement each other well and could make the Thunder Finals contenders.

4. Kemba Walker: Los Angeles Clippers

With Walker running the point, an already very good Clippers team could potentially become a contender in what is looking to be a very wide open Western Conference.

5. Kevin Durant: Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant should take his money, rehab his injury for one year and return to the free agent market fully healthy.

6. Deangelo Russell: Indiana Pacers

The Pacers could use an athletic, skilled passer to pair alongside the returning Victor Oladipo, solidifying the Pacers as a strong contender in the East.

7. Demarcus Cousins: Charlotte Hornets

If Cousins wants to prove he can still be a star, then he might have to do what Kemba did for years: be great on a terrible Hornets team.

8. Al Horford: San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs could use a player as skilled and experienced on both sides of the ball to propel them back into title contention. Horford fits the bill perfectly.

9. Jimmy Butler: Philadelphia 76ers

Jimmy Butler can be the number one scoring option on a team contending for a title. That’s exactly what he was with the Sixers last year.

10. Derrick Rose: Chicago Bulls

Returning to his hometown team would not only be great for Rose and Bulls fans but would also provide the team with quality minutes off the bench and a mentor for their rookie point guard Coby White.

There are my predictions. Regardless of what happens with these players, let's all just enjoy the fact that the Knicks aren't getting any of them!

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