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21 Boozy NYC Brunch Spots To Celebrate Your 21st

These are a must-go!

21 Boozy NYC Brunch Spots To Celebrate Your 21st

Do you want to celebrate your first legal drink at a low-key drunch with your best friends? Or maybe you're nursing a hangover from last night's 21st birthday festivities and the only cure is brunch. Whatever your motivation, these 21 boozy brunch spots in New York City are guaranteed to please.

1. Mexico 2000

Starting this list off with one of the best deals I could find: $17.95 for an entree AND unlimited mimosas and sangria. This definitely isn't the trendiest spot on the list, but if your brunch priorities are good food and cheap drinks, this is your place.

2.Bistro SK

At $23 for 2 hours of unlimited mimosas and Bloody Marys, plus an entree, this cute French bistro in City Island is perfect for a quiet, and affordable, brunch.

3. Clinton Hall

Pricier but worth it, Clinton Hall's brunch deal is $24 for 2 hours of unlimited mimosas, Bloody Marys, or house beer, when added on to an entree.

4. Scottadito Osteria Toscana

If you're into the basic brunch drinks (mimosas and champagne), Scottadito Osteria Toscana serves them unlimited for 90 minutes for $24.95 (which includes the price of your entree!) Plus, they have ridiculous pasta options.

5. Carroll Place

$27 for 2 hours of brunch drinks with any brunch entree? Sounds too good to be true, but that's the deal at Carroll Place.

6. Piccoli

If you always order eggs, Piccoli has the deal for you: any egg dish and 90 minutes of bottomless mimosas, bellinis, or Bloody Marys, all for $27.95. For the quality of the food here, that's a steal.

7. Lido

2 hours of bottomless mimosas at $16 is a pretty good deal when you think about the fact that a mimosa a la carte can go for around $10 in some places. Visit Lido.

8. Tio Pepe

Beating out Lido by $2 dollars, Tio Pepe offers $14 unlimited mimosa, margaritas, or Bloody Marys for 90 minutes. Plus, none of their entrees are crazy expensive, and they offer a good mix of classic brunch foods and traditional Hispanic food.

9. Tartine

Tartine says BYOB! Bring your favorite bubbly to mix with any of their juices (a la carte or carafe).

10. Calle Ocho

Sangria and an entree for $30 is the deal at Calle Ocho. For my fellow sangria lovers, they have hands down some of the best sangria around.

11. Cantina Rooftop

Before you balk at the price, hear me out...for $45 you get a brunch buffet (options! variety!) AND a 90-minute open bar. For all that, plus the great atmosphere of this spot, $45 is extremely reasonable.

12. Baby's All Right

If your whole table is trying to get boozy, this trendy Brooklyn spot offers a $37.99/person deal that gets each of you an entree and 90 minutes of unlimited Bloody Marys, Mimosas, Greyhounds, or Screwdrivers for the table.

13.The Flying Cock

You could go for the name alone, and, if you do, it's $21 extra for bottomless Bloody Marys, mimosas or raspberry bellinis for 90 minutes. Plus, they have incredibly good brunch sandwiches.

14. Miss Lily's 

With a funky and fun atmosphere, Miss Lily's Cafe is a great place to brunch with friends, and at $15 for an hour of bottomless bellinis, Bloody Marys, and rum punch, it's not going to kill your budget.

15. Cafe Cortadito

$31.95 for 90 minutes of bottomless brunch drinks and an entree is basically the most middle-of-the-road price you could get, but this spot's modern take on Cuban classics makes it a winner.

16. Agave

Food and 2 hours of bottomless drinks for $32.99 sounds alright, but what if I told you they offer FROZEN MARGARITAS as part of this brunch deal? Run there.

17. Horchata

Honestly, this might've been the most unreal deal I found in my searching: 1 entree, guac, chips, and 2 hours of sangria, mimosas, Bloody Marys, or tap beer for $39? In the cutest Mexican spot? I'm dreaming.

18. Zengo

If you're going to splurge on drunch, Zengo is the place to do it. $49 per person gets you unlimited small plates to share and bottomless brunch cocktails for 2 hours. The catch? Your whole table needs to participate.

19. Pil Pil

$15 for unlimited sangria, $15 for an entree; Pil Pil keeps it simple but serves up a killer brunch.

20.  Bocadito's Bistro

If you aren't planning to stay that long, or you're a lightweight when it comes to day drinking, Bocadito's offers 90 minutes of unlimited mimosas for $18. Don't underestimate the damage you could do in that amount of time though...

21. Poco NYC

Last, but not least, Poco NYC's brunch deal is 1.5 hours of bottomless mimosas, sangria, or Bloody Mary's and an entree for $32.They've got a crazy original and creative menu, and it's definitely worth the visit.

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