15 Reasons Why New York City Beats Los Angeles
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15 Reasons Why New York City Beats Los Angeles

Because angels can't play in the Concrete Jungle.

15 Reasons Why New York City Beats Los Angeles

I grew up near New York City, and spent pretty much every weekend wandering the streets. It feels like home, and since I've come to California for college, I can honestly say that Los Angeles does not compare at all. Here are 10 reasons why I believe the Concrete Jungle trumps the City of Angels.

1. The Public Transportation

LA subways just can't compare to NYC subways. The NYC subway system is the largest in the world, spans across all five boroughs, and has 469 stations. Also, the MTA operates 24/7, and the same can't be said for its counterpart.

2. The Walkability

Getting around New York is pretty simple, since Manhattan's a grid and you can always figure out where you're going. LA, on the other hand, requires you to Uber if you want to get from one neighborhood to the next, as some neighborhoods themselves are pretty big. It just starts to add up quickly.

3. The Food

From street food to fine dining to hole-in-the-walls, NYC trumps LA. There's nothing like having the Halal Guys at 2 a.m. or Ray's Candy Shop any time after drunken East Village adventures. Plus, NYC will not offer you a vegan, gluten free cookie unless you actively search for one.

4. The Parks

With Hudson River Park, Battery Park, and Central Park, you can guarantee an amazing view at any of these outdoor areas in NYC. LA just doesn't have that covered, and I need that if I'm going to continue my people watching hobby.

5. The Skyline

Yeah, you can see LA from the top of Griffith or other canyons, but nothing beats seeing skyscrapers lit up at night or water surrounding an entire city like with New York. Plus, we have three observation decks against LA's one to see our entire city from high up.

6. The Art

We have the MET and MOMA, among many other world famous museums, but our street art outdoor galleries in Bushwick and Astoria are centralized areas that don't exist in LA. Plus, NYC is the birthplace of graffiti.

7. The Seasons

As much as I love year-round warm weather, nothing beats seeing fall foliage and snow covering parks and blanketing a city. LA just doesn't have those scenes.

8. The Concert Venues

Ignoring the big names like Staples Center and MSG, NYC is full of spots such as Webster Hall and its studio, Irving Plaza, the Brooklyn Bowl, and countless other spots where no-name artists come to make themselves known. I've yet to hear about as many theaters here in LA.

9. The Neighborhoods

While the neighborhoods in NYC and LA are all distinctive in their own ways, NYC is the true winner. With all the boroughs together, you have a wide variety of cultures all in one city, including three Chinatowns.

10. The Theaters

Of course, seeing Broadway on tour isn't terrible. But you can't beat actually going to theaters in the Big Apple, seeing the original theaters, or seeing a show actually on or off Broadway.

11. The Tap Water

Yeah, tap water is on this list. NYC's is scientifically proven to be one of the cleanest, if not the cleanest in the nation, whereas you never know how LA's is going to smell when it comes out.

12. The Traditions

You can see a Christmas tree at The Grove and the lights down Candy Cane Lane, but that's nothing compared to Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, or all of the parades we have for every big holiday in the Big Apple.

13. The Shopping

Not only do we have two high end neighborhoods versus LA's single Beverly Hills, but you can venture out to weekly Brooklyn flea markets and cultural shops in Queens to find anything you're looking for. Plus, our centralized thrift shop neighborhoods make it easy for someone who doesn't want to spend a ton in the Village or Williamsburg.

14. The Culture

NYC has the first American pizzeria and the cafe that made the original cappuccino. I get that LA was founded later, but NYC has a leg up in this as a result. Plus, you can go into any neighborhood and find people of every culture living together and restaurants with a vast variety of cuisines. It's not like making a trek from Westwood to Little Armenia for good Middle Eastern food.

15. The People

I like to think that NYC citizens are special. They don't play around, are fast-paced, and have goals that they will do anything to achieve. As my California friend always tells me, "you walk like you have a purpose in life, unlike me." Also, it's a melting pot of people who all came to be in a big city from immigrants to college students. It's a place where people go to make things happen, and they can find ways to do it.

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