What 5 Seconds of Summer Song You Should Listen To According To What Mood Your Mood Ring Says You're In
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What 5 Seconds of Summer Song You Should Listen To According To What Mood Your Mood Ring Says You're In

Sounds chaotic. Doesn't have to be, just put on your ring and give this a read.

What 5 Seconds of Summer Song You Should Listen To According To What Mood Your Mood Ring Says You're In

We've all been there, right? You're wearing your traditional 1970's mood ring, you look down, see your color, and hopelessly wonder what to do next. I'm the gal to help you get the job done.

The band 5 Seconds of Summer has been my favorite band since before I even got my period. I've been bleeding for years now, so I think I'm fair in saying that I know my stuff. I'm an expert on most things 5SOS, so finding a song to accompany your mood will be easy peasy.

There are seven colors on the traditional 1970's mood ring: black, gray, amber, green, blue-green, blue, and purple. With each color that appears, I have your playlist. So rub your hands together and get listening!

Black: Songs for when you're sad


Is your mood ring accurately representing your complete sadness over a breakup? Cheer up buttercup (or cry,) and listen to these 5SOS songs and let Luke and the other boys' voices smooth over your pain.

"Why Won't You Love Me"


"Ghost of You"

"Story of Another Us"

"Close as Strangers"

"Everything I Didn't Say"

"Wherever You Are"


"Lie to Me"

"Broken Home"

Gray: Songs for when you need to relax


Take a chill pill. Everything is going to work out fine. Let these songs soothe you, and you'll be bopping around a little bit to make you feel better.

"If These Walls Could Talk"

"Empty Wallets"

"Best Friend"


"Waste the Night"


"Beside You"

"Outer Space/Carry On"

Amber: Songs for when you're stuck


SO MANY 5SOS songs fit into this category, it's actually insane. So, if for some reason you're feeling nervous or have mixed emotions, you won't be stuck on which songs to listen to. What I interpret the mood ring means by "stuck" is almost conflicted or trapped. Hopefully, these songs can help you escape and feel less claustrophobic.


"Hey Everybody"

"Moving Along"

"Heartache on the Big Screen"

"Social Casualty"

"Monster Among Men"

"Out of my Limit"

"Jet Black Heart"

"The Space Between a Rock and a Hard Place"

"Too Late"

"Talk Fast"


"Gotta Get Out"


"The Girl Who Cried Wolf"



"If You Don't Know"

Green: Songs for when you're chill n vibin'


What comes to mind for me when I think chill is the calm emoji and the little leaf sprig emoji. These are songs I would hammock to on campus in Emereti Park on a cool, sunshine filled day. Add these to your next hammock sesh playlist.

"Broken Pieces"


"When You Walk Away"

"Long Way Home"

"Catch Fire"

"Lost Boy"

"San Francisco"

"Never Be"

"Better Man"

"Woke Up in Japan"

"The Only Reason"

"Tomorrow Never Dies"

Blue-Green: Songs to get pumped to


Whether it be an intense confrontation or a school presentation, get fired up with these bangers.



"Permanent Vacation"

"Just Saying"

"English Love Affair"

"Over and Out"

"Independence Day"

"Meet You There"

"Voodoo Doll"



Blue: Songs for when you're in a good mood


Drive with the windows down screaming the lyrics to these ones. Each and every one of these songs made me smile very big when they came on, which is why they were all sorted here. I hope they make you feel the same.

"Fly Away"

"Don't Stop"

"She Looks So Perfect"

"Mrs. All American"



"Lost in Reality"

"Want You Back"

"Good Girls"

"She's Kinda Hot"


Purple: Songs for when you're in love


Ooh la la...thinking about someone special? Last but certainly not least, here is a (surprisingly short) list of songs to make you feel even mushier inside.


"Try Hard"

"End Up Here"

"Kiss Me Kiss Me"

"Heartbreak Girl"

"Safety Pin"


"Wrapped Around Your Finger"

Anytime is a good time to listen to 5 Seconds of Summer, but I'm biased. That's why this article is only a SUGGESTION as to what you should listen to, based on the decision your mood ring makes for you.

Let me know how your mood (and mood rings) change with these songs! Happy listening, and may all your moods be good ones.

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