I Saw The Chainsmokers In Concert And It Was SO Different Than I Was Expecting

I know what you're probably thinking, "why would you ever pay money to go see a band everyone hates"? Unpopular opinion: I don't hate the Chainsmokers. I think their music is easy to dance to and upbeat, it's just fun. So when my friend Gabby suggested we see them in concert for just $30 (!!!) I was totally on board. I was assuming we would see the popular songs performed by two white guys standing behind a DJ stand, but what we got was so much better.

The opening act was Lennon Stella, I knew one of her songs before the concert, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked her songs. She sang for like 30 minutes, doing her best to work around the technical difficulties the venue was having. Then was the second act, 5 Seconds of Summer. This is when I should mention, Gabby and I are both 19... our memory of 5SOS is restricted to those cringy middle school days. The crowd went wild, teen girls throwing themselves around in the audience, dancing spastically, it was insane. We were both uncomfortable and having fun.

This particular tour was a Chainsmokers Concert with 5SOS, so understandably a lot of people were hyped to see 5SOS than we were, but once they were done performing, the really crazy part started. Up until around the middle of the 5SOS section of the concert, the stadium was still half empty. People started pouring in just before the Chainsmokers came onstage, and let me tell you the audience was way more diverse than I was expecting. There were kids, there were grandpas, there were couples on acid, there were drunk sorority girls, someone was representing every walk of life.

I'm pretty sure Gabby and I were some of the only sober people in the whole joint. It was like walking into a rave... literally. When the music started, people were screaming and dancing and drinking, it was insane. We weren't planning on standing up originally, but then it was apparent we were going to need to dance. The lasers were calling us, the flames shooting out of the stage beckoned us to dance.

Megan Carmen

This was hands down, the most outrageous concert I have ever been to, and I've been to my fair share of concerts. There were moving parts of the stage, there was fire, dudes on motorcycles came out drove around in a big metal ball, there were lasers and fog and confetti and I actually think we paid $30 to go to a touring rave.

As for the music, It was shockingly good. I just assumed that the lead singer was going to be bad, or that all their music was made digitally, but nope. Andrew Taggart has probably one of the nicest singing voices of any band I've heard live. I was thoroughly shook. It sounds better live than it does on the radio. The only quarrel I had the whole time was his outfit, it was atrocious. Imagine letting a frat boy dress himself in the dark- yeah, that bad.

Overall, I would 100% go to another Chainsmokers concert someday. The music was good and the visuals were over the top, it was just a really good time. I can't say I would consider the Chainsmokers one of my favorite bands, but after that experience they certainly are higher up on my list.

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