What Your Ideal Super Power Says About You
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What Your Ideal Super Power Says About You

In order to really get to know someone, we must ask them life's tough questions.

What Your Ideal Super Power Says About You

Upon meeting new people, in any situation, I am instinctively interested in participating in bonding exercises and games. Some of my favorites include "Never Have I Ever" (a classic), "Would You Rather?," Hot Seat, Celebrity, and Salad Bowl (also known as a more competitive, and, in my opinion, a more fun version of charades). Looking at Hot Seat specifically, which is absolutely in my top three, I believe you can learn a lot about a person by asking them hypothetical, and sometimes irrational, questions. For those of you who have never played, the game is very simple. First of all, it's played in a group setting. The game gets more fun as more people join, however, there should be a maximum number of participants or else the game will get out of hand.

I'd say the ideal number of partakers is anywhere from ten to fifteen. One member of the group chooses to go in the "hot seat." For however long you want, those group members not in the hot seat can ask the hot seat sitter (say that five times fast) any questions that come to their mind, and the person in the hot seat has to answer them. He or she can take however long to answer the questions, but it's more fun when the answers come rapid fire style so more questions can be asked in the short amount of time. Usually, when I am on the outside of the circle (you should play it in a circle so everyone feels more open and comfortable), I like to ask, "if you could have any super power, what would it be?" From experience, I strongly believe that peoples' answers to this question can share a lot about them as a person.

To begin,


If you've watched the Harry Potter movies and say that you never wanted an invisibility cloak, I would call you out and say you're lying. For those who wish they could be invisible, my senses tell me that you thrive in thrilling situations. You lack some confidence in yourself because you like to see and hear others but do not like to be seen or heard. You enjoy comedy; being invisible could come in handy when pulling pranks on friends or strangers. An invisibility cloak could serve as a handy companion in making yourself, and only yourself, laugh if you choose to confuse others with this special gift.

X-Ray Vision

If X-Ray Vision is your power of choice, I would guess you are probably interested in medicine. Being able to see inside a person's body and mind fascinates you, and you're most likely intrigued in how things work. When searching for answers to problems, you like to dig down deep and discover the driving cause and triggering event behind what's occurring in addition to just simply solving the problem.


As a child, you definitely watched Disney movies, such as Aladdin, Mary Poppins, and Peter Pan to name a few. Those who aspire to fly love to exercise, and they are not afraid of heights (surprise!). Someone who dreams of flying is most likely a hard-worker, always determined to reach his or her destination and willing to put in a lot of effort to make it there. Those who would like to fly also enjoy independence, alone time, hanging out with birds, and being on airplanes.


To be honest, in second grade, I used to run around on the playground "having visions." Raven Symoné was my idol from ages seven to ten, and being psychic was my dream. Looking back on it now, I'm not so sure having the ability to tell the future is my super power of choice at this stage in my life. While it would be unique, I like taking chances. Those who wish they were psychic like to play it safe and avoid risks. Dreaming psychics see unpredictable circumstances as daunting and likely enjoy being the hero in challenging situations, as well as always being right.

Time Control

In Click, a 2006 movie starring Adam Sandler, main character Michael Newman finds a mysterious remote in Bed, Bath, & Beyond. The remote gives Michael the power to control time: pause, fast forward, rewind, you name it. While at first a dream come true, this soon becomes disastrous as his life, and his family members' lives, flashes before his very eyes. I think those who dream of controlling time are a bit selfish (but obviously I could be wrong...). They clearly don't like feeling uncomfortable, awkward, or embarrassed, but who does? Similarly to psychics, time controllers clearly like to be in control, always assuring that each situation encountered in life is handled just as he or she likes it: paused, fast forwarded through, or rewinded.

Extreme Speed

Those who dream of having extreme speed live life in a hurry: always anxious and rushing to the next destination. These people do not take time to stop and smell the roses but instead run them down with no regret. Forget living in the moment, life is about the next move, the next step, and the next choice to be made. Taking your time stresses you out, and you like to always be on the move leaving no trace for others to find or catch up to you.

Time Travel

If time traveling is your ideal super power, there are a lot of assumptions I can make about you (although I swear I'm not judgmental). Time travelers most notably are curious. These people are interested in the world around them at all different points throughout history, whether centuries past or decades into the future. If you desire time traveling, you're clearly adventurous and open minded, looking to expand your knowledge on past or future events at all times. I could also guess that you sometimes don't appreciate what's right in front of you and can maybe speculate that dealing with current stressful situations isn't your forte. Escaping difficult situations ultimately makes day to day living easier on yourself, as you won't have to face many challenges as you go through life.

Mind Reading

Sometimes I wonder what other people say about me; would I really want to know? If there was a book in front of you filled with all of the negative comments and assumptions said and made about you in your lifetime, would you read it? My gut tells me I would open said book, but I know this would only prove catastrophic. For people who say they wish they could read others minds, I'm guessing that you enjoy being nosy. You find satisfaction in knowing facts about others than aren't transparent to the public, and you don't feel bad about knowing the intimate details of one's life. Mind readers are presumably tough, as they would know everything negative thought about them and have to keep it to themselves because of course no one with a super power ever reveals it. What you do know can't hurt you.

Super Strength

People who wish to bulk up a bit, or a lot a bit, probably dream of possessing super strength. Being super strong would be fun if you're super competitive and like outperforming others in essentially everything you do. You seize power in every situation that you can and lack fears and phobias because nothing can touch you. If it does, then you will simply demolish it or throw it miles and miles away. The only thing that intimidates you is your own strength and ability.


The last super power I came up with was healing. This power came to me last, as there aren't many known fictional super heroes or characters with this ability that I could think of; however, come to think of it, doctors, scientists, and researchers certainly have this power in reality. While healing doesn't initially come to mind when thinking of super powers, at least for me, I think it has the potential to be one of the best and most powerful and is definitely the most impactful. Healers have an act for helping others and investing time in causes larger than themselves. Those who wish they could heal the world, from incurable diseases to mental illnesses to the common cold, are undoubtedly sympathetic and compassionate. Healers are selfless, hopeful, and they aim to make the world a better place.

The 21st century is an interesting time to be alive. Technology seems to become bigger and better everyday at a rate that's honestly starting to freak me out. Apps, appliances, and devices are continuously being rewritten and rewired to outdo and outperform the rest. There are constant updates being thrown at us through multiple outlets every second of every day, and everyone I know, at all ages, is addicted to their cell phone, including myself. I hear and read about large, predominant companies becoming close to creating and testing the first ever self driving car, and I wonder what will be the next big thing. While Apple recently announced what the new iPhone 7 and 7 plus models will have in store (hint: there's no headphone jack if you didn't hear), I'm beginning to wonder if these fictitious super powers I just had so much fun writing about will become a reality in years to come. Perhaps it is time for Raven to share her magic ability with the rest of the world. Maybe someone will find a cure for cancer and help heal the millions suffering. In this day and age, I truly believe anything is possible; I'm excited to see the magic and super powers that the future holds within it.

*For the record, I am in no way, shape, or form trying to demean anyone's ideal super power. These descriptions may or may not be accurate and are skewed towards my perception of the world and its people.

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