Introducing Future Music Mogul: KAI CA$H
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Introducing Future Music Mogul: KAI CA$H

The legacy continues as this Bad Boy takes the spotlight

Introducing Future Music Mogul: KAI CA$H

Kai Sandy famously known as Kai Ca$h is a Brooklyn, New York native, upcoming rapper, who was born into a lifestyle surrounded by music, moguls and fame. With his uncle, Sean “Diddy” Combs, rapper Fabolous, Jadakiss and his father Rubin Sandy being some of his biggest music mentors, he is well equipped with the knowledge he needs to know about the music industry and what it entails to take his music to the next level. Kai is sure to dominate the music industry with his talent and become a household name in the very near future, you heard it here first!

BM: What inspires you to make music?

KC: Music has always been in my life since birth; I was born into it. While growing up around music I was always a fan of it and it was deeper than just “I like music” because I wanted to be apart of it and apart of the process. When I was younger that’s when I really started rapping and I started to get good at it and now I’m very good at it! I have the backing for it and I’m serious about my music, it’s more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle for me.

BM: How has the feedback been on your newly released song, “Games”?

KC: Very, very good! It reached 11,000+ plays in three days on SoundCloud so I’m happy. I do self-promotion mostly for right now on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., so I’m content with the numbers, I just need to keep pushing forward and keep getting my music out there.

BM: What are some of the future projects you’re working on?

KC: I have this song called ‘Tranquil’ and I was pushing it like crazy in the summer and it’s one of my best records ever! But unfortunately, it isn’t completely done and people have been pressing me to put this record out but I honestly just can’t, it needs to be great before I officially release it. I’m actually working on this new project called, “Born to Win” and I’m releasing it on my birthday, February 17, 2017. We’re still building it, I don’t know if I want it to be an album or not but we’ll see…. Stay tuned.

BM: Who has been your biggest influence in the industry?

KC: It would have to be by uncle, Sean “Puffy” Combs, because the way he just does everything, it’s so crazy to me. He is one person that I’ve learned from, him and as well as my dad. My dad isn’t necessarily in the industry but his name is well known. Those two are the two people I definitely learn the most from and they always tell me, “Whatever you do, if you’re not going hard for it just don’t do it at all. No matter what it is, if it’s music, if you’re in school or if you’re a janitor, you better be the best damn janitor out there!”

BM: Has Diddy impacted your career in any way?

KC: Yes, he definitely has impacted my career; just to see how he works is motivating. He can go days without sleep and still get work done. I’m honestly attempting to take after his work ethic which I hope shows through my music as well, so not only has he impacted my overall career but my music most importantly. One valuable lesson he taught me was to always go hard for whatever is it that I want and dedication like that shows why he’s one of the most successful music moguls in the industry today.

BM: Because you’re Diddy’s nephew has that helped you have an edge in the industry and helped push forward your brand?

KC: I mean, of course it’s an assistant but as far as being privileged to industrial elements, no. Diddy is one person who doesn’t give handouts, at all, and that’s just something you have to respect. He wants to see how you work and how hard you’re going to work. I mean it can be so easy for him to post my music or anything really, but he doesn’t want to make it that easy, he truly believes in hard work. For example, the first CYN party we threw, he (Diddy) let us throw it and it was really a test to see how well we would do. We handled everything by ourselves, from putting the event together to our performance, and it was a huge success. A day later Diddy posted the party on his Instagram because we went so hard and it turned out so great and that’s what he likes to see. As long as you’re working hard and you’re doing your thing he’s definitely going to back you with support.

BM: How do you balance your school and career endeavors?

KC: Sheesh, ha-ha. When it comes to school and music, school is very important even though sometimes I really don’t want to be here. My parents spend their hard earned money for me to be here so I’m not going to be a slouch and not do what I have to do. Definitely aiming for that degree in addition to my profession. I’m trying to get everything I need done music and school wise. As far as music, music is with me every day, so it naturally comes to me, any creative ideas I come across I just always make sure I write it down.

BM: Why are you so low-key on campus?

KC: I just like chillin’ really, engaging into calm shit. I rather lay low and do what I have to do than try to be in the mix, the mix isn’t really my thing. I read some wise words today that said, “Being in the mix makes you lose flavor,” and I stand by that as well.

BM: Who shows you the most love, East Coast or West Coast?

KC: Ha-ha, to be honest, I’m not sure. I’m always on both coast but I’ll just have to go with the East Coast, we have more history.

BM: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

KC: In the next TWO years I see myself, ha-ha, just kidding. In the next five years, I see myself being wealthy, not just in the sense of having money but wealth in health, wealth in the mind, wealth in spirit and wealth in my overall well being. Just in a good place where I really want to be.

BM: What music mogul closely identifies with you?

KC: Jay-Z for sure, he’s from Brooklyn as well and has always been a major influence in my life. From the couple of times that I have met him I have definitely felt that he is someone who is very relatable to me. Just to see how hard he worked to get where he’s at and to go beyond just music and expand his endeavors was something so inspiring to me. I did he same thing, I have my own clothing line aside from music, I do graphic designs and so much more and I want to keep expanding like how Jay-Z did.

BM: What does CYN mean / How Did CYN come about?

KC: Ha-ha, I’m going to skip the first question, but back in 2011 my cousin Niko and I were at our uncle’s house and we were doing something really crazy and one of our older friends was like, “Yo, yall are some **********,” and what he said stood for CYN and once he said it we took that name and ran with it. We started CYN not knowing it was going to be as big as it is today, honestly. One day Niko had got in trouble at school and on Twitter we were posting #FreeNiko and #CYN and that’s when we really started to stamp the name CYN, the funny part is that it was really all a joke at first but now CYN is the wave. CYN is now our family/network, we have a lot going for ourselves, and it’s a blessing to be able to have a solid foundation where we all have major goals. We’re trying to start a television show, a record label, a clothing line and so much more, so we have a lot in store! CYN is on the rise.

BM: Where are some of the cool places you have performed?

KC: The first cool place would be the CYN Party we threw last year, then I performed with Diddy at the 2015 BET Awards where he debuted his ‘Finna Get Loose’ record, then this past Summer since Christian Combs (Diddy’s son) just got signed we performed with him at the 2016 BET Experience, this past May I performed in the first two Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour shows at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, then Justin Combs annual Halloween party and lastly I performed at Pitbull’s New Year’s party in Miami and we all came out with Zoey Dollaz.

BM: How often do you have features on your tracks?

KC: Not too often, I’ve been trying to build a catalog by myself because when I do come out and people start noticing who I am, I don’t want it to seem like I’m good because of someone else, for instance, you know whenever Drake gets on a song it automatically becomes hot because Drake is on it and then it now becomes Drake’s song, (laughs), yea I don’t want that. But in the mean time, if I do a feature it would most likely be someone from CYN.

BM: What motivational words would you tell for someone on the come-up?

KC: Do you and do your best! Be prepared for some sleepless nights but continue working hard most importantly. I’m sure we’ve all heard the cliché saying “hard work pays off”, but that saying couldn’t be anymore true than what it is. Keep shining!

Instagram: @KaiCash

Twitter: @KaiCash_

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