In Defense Of One Direction
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In Defense Of One Direction

More than just a boyband.

In Defense Of One Direction

When people hear the name "One Direction," most will give an obnoxious eye roll & audible sigh with the thought of screaming, crying, and deranged teenage girls that follow. And if by chance you don't know who they are, congratulations, you've somehow been completely oblivious to one of the most talked about groups in the media light. That is the main connotation that is given with the popular boyband sadly, though there is so much more meaning for so many people.

While the term "boyband" usually comes with some humorous scoffs, but that certain group could be helping through someone through some real shit. From the three 1D concerts, I have been fortunate enough to attend, I've seen multiple girls hold signs up saying "Thank you for saving me" or "You saved us." Music is an outlet, no matter if it be pop, rock, rap or anything else, and if that can help someone through their darkest times, does there need to be judgment?

One Direction gave me possibly the greatest thing to happen to me, and that would be my best friend. We both went to school together since kindergarten, lived two minutes down the road from each other and had no idea neither one existed, until freshman year of high school. One morning on the bus ride to school (at an ungodly hour may I add), I couldn't seem to find a seat and quickly sat next to a girl sitting by herself, looking out the window with her headphones in. I quickly put in my headphones to avoid awkward small talk to and put on the catchy song I was hearing on the radio repeatedly by this cute boyband. After about a minute the girl nudged me, leaning in to show me her iPod and to my surprise was listening to the exact same song. That quick moment leads to a chat about this unknown boyband, and there began the lifelong friendship. Ever since then, we have attended a One Direction concert each year for the past three years as a kind of tradition. To celebrate our friendship by enjoying what started it all together.

Besides the fact of meeting Leslie, One Direction has given me some memorable experiences that'll last me a lifetime. They were my first concert back in 2013, first time to Michigan to see them in 2014 (and having to walk down a highway exit to get to the venue in time..that was a fun day) and this past year was able to see them catwalk for the last time in 2015. All these adventures were all because of the little "stupid pop boyband."

Now I'm not saying if you don't like One Direction that you're a terrible person, but I am saying everyone is entitled to their own likes and dislikes. If I'm 20 years old and a boyband from the U.K. makes me happy then who cares? When I'm at their concerts or listening to their music, I'm in my happy place. All the stress of life, school or work just minimize for that moment.

I can't thank those five (now 4) British lads for what people and experiences they've given me. Their simple music has brought me joy when I've needed it, and given me friends that'll last a lifetime. Who knew the simple things in life are what can bring us pure happiness? As cheesy as it sounds, One Direction will always be more than a band for me. Even when I'm that 50-year-old mom going to the reunion tour, they'll still bring me as much joy. I'm a One Direction and always will be. So the next person that tells you that they're a 1D or any other music fan, rather than laughing give a respectful response. And maybe even give them a listen, you never know, you could become a fan too.

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