Finals Week As Told By 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'
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Finals Week As Told By 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

When the coffee is filled, Terry is thrilled.

Finals Week As Told By 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Finals week happens twice a year and never gets any easier. Time means nothing, and it is full of endless studying. But the break that soon follows is enough motivation. As Charles might say, "Yippie kayak, finals week is wack." Here is what college students experience during finals week, as told by "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

You are not sad about leaving your last class and never seeing those people again.

Everyone is irritable when there are internet problems.

When you and your friends "study" together for a final.

Which ends up with one of you just reexplaining everything.

You nitpick and fix mistakes on the group projects.

Listening to someone's lame excuse for why they didn't contribute to the group project.

When you start studying and realize you do not know most of the vocabulary.

And filling out study guides is taxing.

Don't fear. The internet is here.

It is the holiday season so you get distracted A LOT.

But you try to get back into the zone by ignoring all the loud people around you.

Studying is tiring so you take a break to calculate your grade to see how much more studying you have to do.

You get tired of all the complaining from everyone around you.

You give yourself a pep talk before you take the exam.

And use large, fancy vocabulary on essays to disguise the fact you don't actually know what you are trying to say.

When people turn their exam in early but you are only halfway done.

For those slow test takers, you panic when you hear this.

After each exam you instantly worry about your grade.

When you signal to your friends how you think you did.

Then you celebrate because the end of finals week means it is finally time for Christmas Break!

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