20 Of My Favorite Baby Names
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20 Of My Favorite Baby Names

It's never too early to plan ahead!

20 Of My Favorite Baby Names
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Oh baby, baby! Unlike Salt-N-Pepa, I'm actually going to name my child. I had just picked up "The Baby Name Wizard," by Laura Wattenberg from Barnes and Nobel the other day. Unfortunately, I'm not pregnant. YET. However, I do like planning my future, so, I thought I'd share some of my favorite names with you.

"Oh God why is she sharing?" "What if someone steals your names?" Oh no! What if you do? What a tragic event. Then we'd have the same names for our children, heaven forbid if that were to happen! Hehe! Please enjoy my top 10 favorite girl and boy names!


10. Bohdi

I'm not sure where I came across this name, but I picture a "Bohdi" being so sweet, yet super active. Probably tall and thin, but muscular.

9. Davis

This may or may not be because of "One Tree Hill," but I love this name. And yes, Brooke Davis is my favorite character.

8. Cole

My best friend/brother is named Cole, and I would absolutely love to name one of my babies after him.

7. Landon

I'm not entirely sure why, but I've had dreams over and over again that I'm going to have a baby boy named Landon. In my dreams I always call him Lando.

6. Mathew

My great-grandfather's middle name was Mathew with one T. He has been such a huge part of our family, and I refuse to let that die.

5. Finn

My favorite movie is Tangled. There is a character named Flynn in it, but I didn't like that name for a child. Finn came to mind while thinking about Flynn and I fell in love.

4. Bennett

I would call him Ben, and no he wouldn't be named after my ex. My current boyfriends name (who I'm pretty sure I'm going to marry) is Bradley. Bennett Bradley made me smile.

3. Lucas

Oh back to "One Tree Hill." If my baby looks like Chad Michael Murray, that is fine with me! Luke, Lucas, I've loved this name from the get-go. I can see him being a snuggle-buddy, and that makes me love it more.

2. Baker

I had recently been volunteering at an elementary school. There were two little kiddos named Baker and Sylvie and they were boyfriend-girlfriend. They were the sweetest little kids. Now, Brad always makes fun of me saying, "Now we just need a candlestick maker" HA HA, he's not funny.

1. Noah

Finally, my absolutely favorite baby boy name, Noah. I'm not sure how I found this one. I have a cousin named Noah, but my mom's favorite movie is The Notebook, where Noah is the main, dreamy character. Don't be suprised if you hear me name my baby boy this one!


10. Mabel / Sadie

I couldn't decide which I liked more for number 10, so I decided to tie them. Mabel is a name my grandpa called his mother, and Sadie has not been in the family at all. They're both old fashioned and sound sophisticated.

9. Layla

Hawaii has always been a place I've wanted to travel, so I thought I'd look for names that are either Hawaiian themselves, or sound Hawaiian. Layla, or Laila, is one of my favorites. Unfortunately, my best friend loves this name also, so whoever has a girl first, wins. Game on girl!

8. Magnolia

I had just come across this one a few days ago. As you can tell, I really love old fashioned named. Magnolia has been around since the 1800's. I was thinking about nicknames as well, and you could call her Maggie, Lia, Nollie. Nollie was different and unique, just like Magnolia.

7. Lennon

Have you heard the duo Lennon & Maisy? They're two beautiful singers on YouTube. Ever since I saw her name, I have loved it. It's a strong name that wouldn't be forgotten.

6. Elise

This name is a favorite for both Brad and I. He's super into cars, and has gotten me into them as well. This name may or may not be from a car and just so happens to be adorable.

5. Piper

Piper, pipes, the name that reminds me of a dancer. I'm super into theatre, so Piper really struck me as artsy. But also, Piper could be the badass hockey goalie that everyone fears.

4. Isla

Isla baby. This name is just beautiful. I don't care if people would have a hard time pronouncing it. It's very beachy and calming.

3. Sylvie

Back to my Baker story, this name caught my attention at the elementary school. It's along the lines of Sylvia, which I also enjoy, but it's still different enough for me.

2. Daisy

Daisy has been my second favorite to Lucy ever since I started thinking about babies. There is not one reason why I wouldn't name my baby girl Daisy. I love the Great Gatsby era, and Daisy fits that time frame very well.

1. Lucille (Lucy)

I'm not sure if I love this name because my grandma and I watched "I Love Lucy" my whole childhood or what! I always tell people this will be my firstborn girls name. One thing, DON'T steal this one!

I'm not sure how "unique" or "different" my names are, but I like to think they still have that old fashioned theme to them. I cannot wait until I actually have to decide which I love best.

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