'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'
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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Is Back And Better Than Ever, Don't Let This Be The Season You Miss

Always be coconutting.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Last year saw "Brooklyn Nine-Nine's" cancellation by Fox followed by NBC picking it up the next day. In the thirty-odd hours between, the Internet descended into mass panic. Everyone and their favorite followers posted, tweeted, and wrote articles protesting the move and pleading for the show's renewal. None of us were in the least ready to let go of a show that had come to be synonymous with self-awareness, sensitivity, and side-splitting humor.

But we don't have to, at least for a while. The first episode of the new season aired on January 10th and it was certainly a return to form. The episode opens with Jake and Amy on their upgraded honeymoon (thanks to Amy's penchant for planning, the two got an insurance bailout on their wedding expenses after last season's fiasco). Almost immediately upon landing, the two descend into full-on tourist mode, trying to see how many odd requests they can get the hotel staff to comply with. They barely get to enjoy the fruits of their mischief (pun intended) before realizing that Captain Holt is staying at the same resort.

Meanwhile, back in Brooklyn, the sanitation department is trying to poach Rosa's drug case, Terry is trying to adjust to his new responsibilities in the Captain's absence, and the Boyle-Linettis are splitting up, much to Charles' chagrin.

At the resort, the Captain reveals that he had a small crisis after being passed up for commissioner, resulting in him flying to Mexico and purchasing a bunch of novelty shirts with puns on them. He assures the couple that he will steer clear of them, but it becomes increasingly and humorously apparent that this is not exactly feasible in the small resort. It reaches the point where Holt is straight up breaking into their room. Amy attempts to make the best of the situation by inviting Holt to accompany them on their activities, resulting in a hilarious third-wheeling montage that culminates in a heartfelt conversation in a petal-strewn hot tub.

Unfortunately, the conversation leads to Holt deciding to quit working for the NYPD, which prompts Amy and Jack to stage an emergency intervention — which involves physically preventing the Captain from leaving by tying him to the bed using ribbons from Boyle's "Box of Love/Nightmares."

What's interesting here is how they flipped the script from earlier seasons. We see Jake getting all sentimental about the Captains' mentorship and trying to placate him with kind words, while Amy ends up losing her cool, denouncing her need to seek his validation and angrily storming out after giving Holt a piece of her mind. It is a testament to the show that this ends up being a moment where we see how much both characters have grown since the first season.

Holt eventually ceases wallowing and decides to take a more proactive approach to being rejected for commissioner. The Captain tells Amy and Jake that he will go to the mayor and state that if the new commissioner follows through with his stop-and-frisk policy, Holt will go to the press.

The episode ends with the revelation that Holt's plan was successful, but that the new commissioner now has it out for the nine-nine. The conflict will likely be the main arc for this season and become more fleshed out in future episodes.

In other news, the costume department outdid themselves with Melissa Fumero's wardrobe this episode. Having rarely seen Amy in anything other than pantsuits and formal dresses, the floral pieces from this episode were a delight. Also, the "Die Hard" roleplay had me rolling!

A running gag for this episode was the honeymooners' motto "Always be coconutting." From margaritas in coconuts to Merlot in coconuts, it left me with intense curiosity as to what, exactly, coconut-flavored coffee would taste like.

More recaps to come!

Here are some episode highlights:

1. "We can't afford to lose any more bees."

2. The Gina mask.

3. Hoot.

4. Holt in novelty tank tops.

5. "Coconut is not a good insulator."

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