5 Seconds of Summer recently dropped their new single 'Teeth' and I'm honestly living for it. The band has ventured into this industrial pop sound that's both catchy and edgy. We were introduced to this new sound for the band back in May when they released 'Easier'.

5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) always amazes me with their talent. They continue to grow, which I feel you can really hear with each album they release. In an article from the Alternative Press, when talking about 'Easier' Luke Hemmings said. "'Easier' is the most confident we have been in the first song to be released off one of our records. Visually and sonically it feels like we took what we uncovered about ourselves as a band on the last album and honed in on that sound and aura. I truly believe that 'Easier' is the beginning of the best era for 5SOS." I couldn't agree more.

Their sound has me hooked and their continued growth keeps me wanting more.

Their music videos for both singles had been visually stunning as well. 'Easier''s video jumps between the band being tied up, submerged in water and performing together, ending with the band walking down a hallway that has their pictures which have gone up in flames.

The music video for 'Teeth' is another stunning video. Billboard perfectly describes it by saying, "The band is subjected to an experiment-gone-wrong resulting in each member's personal hellscape, signified with changing colors and different environments reminiscent of art installations."

I quite enjoyed one comment on the video by user fleurhoons that says, "5SOS:( releases a bop ) ME: ah shit here we go again." Literally me.

Overall 5 Seconds of Summer continues to blow fans away with every new thing they release. If 'Teeth' and 'Easier' are anything to go by, their next album is going to be incredible and their best yet.