Keto Cured My Anxiety
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Keto CURED My Anxiety

A memoir about my health journey: Keto, Sugar, and Texas

Keto CURED My Anxiety

Moving from Indiana to Texas taught me a great deal about health. To be honest, the very FIRST thing I noticed was the diet was so different than my Midwest home. First of all, the food in Texas has FLAVOR. Second, I learned everyone, and I mean everyone, was on keto diet. I didn't even know what the keto diet was. Eat only Fats? No Rice? 'Scuse me, rice, couscous, lattes, granola bars and fruit smoothies got me through college.

So I tried it. And I researched it, and this is what I found…

Emulsifiers and sugar are the death of any health program.

  • Emulsifiers are fillers that make your food thicker, and taste better. They make that protein shake thick and icecream-y. They make your dressings low fat, while maintaining thickness. They help with extending shelf life of products. They make you fat because they are just straight chemicals most of the time. Food industries are not worrying about your health, they are worried about their income, and if food spoils on the shelf before you get it in your house to sit there longer, they lose money. Avoid any ingredients that you cannot pronounce.
  • Sugar is also there to make it taste better, and to also replace the 'fats' in your 'healthy' foods. Even if you don't want sugar in your food, food providers and companies try to trick you into buying their product. Obviously look at the ingredients and avoid any foods that have the letters "-ose" at the ingredients list. Sugar has a Glycemic index of 100, Cane sugar has a glycemic index of 60, and Stevia has a glycemic index of 0. Keep this in mind.

They feed cows with Grains: Corn and Soy to FATTEN them

If you think you're going to lose weight by eating corn and soy among other grains…think again. Use logic. Cows are bred to be eaten, and the move volume they have, the more food the meat industry has per cow, the more $$$$ the food industry makes.

 The best health insurance is whole organic foods.

So if we cant have grains, emulsifiers or sugar, whats left? Whole foods do not have emulsifiers and added sugars. Some whole foods are grains but that is another subject. In terms of glycemic index, whole foods with good fats and proteins have a glycemic index of ZERO (or atleast very low comparatively). Why is it a good idea to eat low glycemic foods? If you don't, you could get a number of diseases including Type II diabetes among other problems (

Glycemic index and Insulin are the greatest tells of weight loss and feel good properties.

Just read this article: Why the first law of thermodynamics is utterly irrelevant ( I cannot explain it better than this article.


Ok, rather than telling you where my journey began, I'll tell you where it ended. Keto COMPLETELY HEALED my IBS. I don't want to go into detail, but remember that Glycemic index thing? PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE IF NOTHING ELSE (


IBS is anxiety for all I know. I have been on the floor in a ball, shaking. I have been to the hospital 3 times. All I did during that time frame was eat Clif bars, green Naked Shakes, Muffins and Lattes. That's it. I thought I was getting all the nutrients I needed through a green shake and a granola bar. Again, insulin through the roof. When I started following keto diet (plus some sweet potato fries which are also have a low glycemic number), my anxiety attacks went to zero. My shaking stopped entirely. Sometimes when I do slip up and enjoy a nice sugary cookie, my bad anxiety thoughts come back.

Sugar is the cause of anxiety.

Recently, there has been a LOT of articles about how your brain and your gut are intertwined. I have added two Ted Talks addressing this. To summarize, Gut bacteria is INCREDIBLY important and when you disrupt it by adding chemicals/emulsifiers made in labs to kill bacteria to extend shelf life of products, your causes your brain some trouble. The link is there, and its between what you put in your stomach and what you are thinking in your head. A healthy gut is a healthy brain. What you put in and on your body is still creating you, just like you couldn't give a child nicotine or caffeine as a child, you don't want toxins going into your body as its processing information continuously. Like I said above, I am at the point in my health journey when I can recognize the effects the sugar of a cookie has on my brain. Just watch these… ( (

Ayurveda echoes eliminating sugar and promoting organic foods.

Ok so this topic goes a bit further. Once you rid your body of toxins, you are able to feel the effects of food. Ayurveda is eastern medicine. When I was in my anxiety spell, they told me to take Zoloft, which made me feel like a complete zombie. It made me not care about anything, I was not myself, there are so many side effects as well as A RED FLAG WARNING FOR SUICIDE. I wasn't suicidal but I could feel the effects of why someone would go to that length under the wrath of that drug especially if they took it for depression instead of anxiety, while eating sugar and emulsifiers. So instead, I cut it out cold turkey (not recommended) and focused on me, until I found keto. And then I found Ayurveda, because, honestly, Texas and yoga. And then I was completely healed. Ayurveda can help heal anxiety. The following is a list of foods that the Indians (before the industrial era) were able to find out the effects of these foods on the body. Anything look familiar? Look at the effects of some of the plants. Ill write an article on this separately because it's a whole other topic. So keep an eye out. (

To be honest, when I went back to talk to my friends in Indiana, I was shocked that they didn't know about emulsifiers and how sugar rocks your brain (in a bad way). In FACT, I was watching girls promoting this protein shake from Arbonne on Instagram. I was on my way to a vegan protein shake with whole ingredients. And to see the FOURTH ingredient is "Cane Sugar" shook me to the core. Uhm excuse me, you are promoting a cookie.

ANYWAYS, go follow me on Instagram @KylieMcguylie
to view my highlight story to see what I was really dealing with. Follow me on Odyssey for more renovation tips and stories, as well as my insight into electrical engineering, Aryuveda, health, keto, Bichons, Hot Yoga, and more!

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