35 Things You Should Know About Your Best Friend
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35 Things You Should Know About Your Best Friend

Can you cross these off your list?

35 Things You Should Know About Your Best Friend
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How much do you really know about your best friend? Test your knowledge and be sure to tag your bestie if you can answer all these questions.

1. Their nickname

If you haven't come up with a nickname for them by now, are you really worthy of 'best friend' status?

2. Their favorite dessert

Mmmm mmm delicious. Whether it's red velvet cake, chocolate custard, or those grocery store frosted sugar cookies, you really know how to brighten up your friend's day.

3. Their favorite sport

If they weren't sitting in class or working, where would you go to find them? Is it the soccer field? The dance studio? Is he or she a gym rat?

4. Their biggest pet peeve

C'mon, you know Julie hates it when she doesn't get to drive... No those were my waffles! Who took my waffles? I can't believe he left me on read!

5. Their go-to music genre

Better believe we won't be jamming out to anything other than EDM in the car....

6. How many siblings in their fam

Oh yeah, Ashley gets to see her older brother and younger sister over the holiday break!

7. Coke or Pepsi

It's definitely Coke bruh.

8. Their dreams

As your best friend, I take full responsibility for supporting you in all your ambitions. GO BLAKE! THAT'S MY BEST FRIEND!

9. Their current crush

Oh my gosh dude... isn't that her? Be cool, be cool.

10. Allergic to gluten?

Guess pizza party is out of the picture....

11. Dog or cat?

Pleaseeeee don't become that crazy old cat lady!

12. Their birthday

How can you plan a rockin' party for them if you don't have this figured out??

13. Outdoors or Indoors?

Hiking say whaaaaaaaat? That's okay Liz, me and nature don't really get along.

14. Their dream vacation place

I thought you said you were waiting to visit Greece until your honeymoon? Oh well... when in Europe!

15. Their binge-watch Netflix series

I swear Kelsey, if you're not watching "Stranger Things" you better get on it! You're already four episodes behind! I can't take the suspense of waiting any longer!

16. Favorite place to shop

Francesca's sells the cutest tops! Want to bet that I could live off of only shopping at Target for the whole year?

17. Messy or organized?

Well, my momma raised me right but the besties room constantly looks like a clothing tornado ripped through it!

18. Their favorite color

C'mon if you don't know this one, can you really be considered their best friend?

19. Apple music or Spotify?

How else are you going to create the PERFECT playlist for your bestie?

20. Night owl or morning person??

Do you have to drag your friend to class/work every day? Or does he or she wake up ready to conquer the world? A pretty important thing to know when making your evening plans together.

21. Does he/she procrastinate?

Does procrastination run in his blood? Or do you know she is on top of her game like two weeks before the final project is due? Will studies come between you and your friendship???!!!!

22. Their level of love for coffee

When your bestie comes from a family of coffee-holics, you gotta have Starbucks Keurig cups on tap.

23. Their favorite food

QUICK! Your best friend is having a bad day. Where do you go to pick up magical food that will solve all their problems??? Is it Taco Bell? The Chinese restaurant down the road? A burger joint?!

24. Their laughter

You know... that deep belly laugh that comes from inside jokes only you and your friend can understand.

25. Their pick on jeans or leggings?

Let's be honest... between working out, studying, or just hanging, when wouldn't you see her in leggings? #LeggingsForLife

26. Harry Potter Fan?

Of course, they are. Your reaction ^ to deciding on a Harry Potter movie marathon for the weekend.

27. Their personality type

Are they introverted? Extraverted? An introvert-extravert? Do you guys become the life of the party or rock sweats and good laughs at home?

28. Their favorite book

Wait.....you mean to tell me that you read??!?!? Since when?

29. When they want to be left alone

Ooooof. This is a hard one. But sometimes a little solitary is good for the soul! You'll be back in step with your friend in no time.

30. When they need a hug

So you had a bad day....time to offer a big bear hug in comfort!

31. Destination wedding?

Did someone say ROADTRIPPPPPPPPPPP? I think yes.

32. Their parents' names.

C'mon you gotta have an 'in' with the family. And for real, you probably spend so much time with your bestie that you're basically part of the family.

33. Tickets to the movies or the theatre?

There's no question about that one. You guys HAVE to see that new movie starring Zac Efron. It's a tradition!

34. Dream artist to see live in concert.

Yeah. You know it would be Coldplay hands-down. Dream come true.

35. Their best friend.

In fact, this happens to be YOU!!! Love you bestie.

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