The Keto diet is a diet that has become really popular in the last few years. I first found out about it two years ago when I was watching Jersey Shore and discovered Vinny, aka the "Keto guido", was on the diet. Since then I have found it interesting and have wanted to do it. The Keto diet is a low-carb and high-fat diet.

Fast forward two years and I am finally in a place in my life where I can attempt this diet. I decided to go for it and have learned several things along the way. Here are things I learned and hope this helps anyone who wants to try this diet:

1. Carbs are in EVERYTHING

When I say everything, I mean basically everything. When I thought no carbs, I thought no bread, pasta, rice, etc. Little did I know that fruits have carbs and should basically be avoided. This made coming up with breakfast really hard. Fruits can be eaten in moderation but I wasn't patient enough to figure that out so I just avoided them altogether.

2. You have to be creative

I am not very creative, so finding meals to eat became really hard. There was only so much chicken, salad, bell peppers and eggs I could eat before going insane. Be creative and if you aren't (like me), Pinterest is your best friend throughout this process.

3. Cheat meals are okay

The first week I refused to cheat. The second week and so on, I would gift myself a cheat meal here and there. There is nothing wrong with that. Life is too short to constantly turn down that carb. Plus, it is summer and I wasn't about to turn down every friend that wanted to grab an ice cream.

4. It is worth it

I promise that I understand the struggle. This diet seems impossible and at times sucks so bad; especially on the days where all you want is some Chick-fil-a fries. This diet works and helps lose weight quickly. Hidden perks are that I noticed my skin clearing up and don't spend so much money on fast food anymore.