How To Stay Motivated Every Day
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How To Stay Motivated Every Day

A Compilation of Excellent Advice To Give You The Motivation You Need

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Day in, day out. We go through our routines. Of course, we don't always feel our best, but there are often high expectations from others – at work, at school, or in other daily interactions.

So how do you stay motivated? Whether you're feeling ill, depressed, or you just need a pick-me-up, there are plenty of things you can do, and do regularly, to keep your spirits high and full of motivation.

Psychological Hacks To Stay Motivated

6 Theories Of Motivation

person ponders theories of motivationLora Goody

Motivation refers to the psychological processes that drive and direct behavior toward achieving goals. Several theories of motivation have been proposed by psychologists and researchers over the years. Here is an overview of some prominent theories of motivation.

Best Ways to Stay Motivated Throughout the Work Week

building blocks to target successMilhi jori

Making it through the work week can seem like a herculean effort, with a thousand tasks standing between you and your goals. The good news is that everyone's motivation wanes from time to time, and there are concrete steps you can take to get it back again.

6 Ways To Reconnect With Your Routine And Motivate Your Life

person runs early in the morningGrand Canyon University

From writing daily to waking up early in order to exercise, routines are an essential component of surviving the mountain of distractions and obligations available to every adult. Reconnecting with your routines is often harder to do the longer you shelve them, but eventually, you may find yourself missing the days when you had higher productivity and a steady sleep schedule.

15 Daily Affirmations To Increase Your Positive Vibes

woman celebrates on hiking trailTemple University

Affirmations are short, repeated positive statements that are meant to help reprogram some of your thought patterns and change the ways you feel and think about some things. They are designed to help you focus on your goals and get rid of the negative thoughts you have in your unconscious mind. Here are some that I find to be particularly helpful in staying positive! [READ ON]

Living By The Goldilocks Rule, Finding What's Just Right For You

person sits on a mountaintop pondering lifeThe Narrative

If you constantly live your life trying to push yourself beyond you limits, it can exhaust you. If you focus on the things you're good at and never try to expand your horizons, you're not going to get very far. There is a happy medium in between the two that following can help you balance a healthy lifestyle.

20 Quotes That Will Make You Smile Today

exhausted woman lays in the grassTarisha Clark

Welcome to a new day and a new opportunity to be our best selves. Here's a list of 20 quotes about self-care, self-love, positivity, and finding inspiration. Carry these quotes with you throughout your day for upliftment!

Inspiration To Lift You Up

10 Greatest Speeches In Modern American History

Martin Luther King Jr. delivers famous speechHaley Powell

Rhetoric, in all its forms, arrives under the scrutiny of historians both for its historical impact and literary value. Dozens of speeches have rallied the nation together.

Get Inspired: 10 Life-Changing Michael Scott Quotes

Michael Scott of The OfficeTemple University

Whether you need motivation or just a laugh, Michael Scott has a quote for you! "I'd like to start today by inspiring you." -Michael Scott

50 Valuable Life Lessons Shared by a Senior Citizen

Morgan Barrett

"Never regret a day of your life: The good days give you happiness, the bad days give you experience, the worst days give you lessons, and the best days give you memories."

13 Taylor Swift Lyrics That Are Sure To Inspire You

Taylor Swift performs in concertLaura Mays

Although A LOT of her lyrics, and some of the best, are awfully sad and tragic, she has written many pretty inspiring and positive lyrics. You may not feel these as deeply as some of her others, but these lyrics showcase some of Taylor's underrated power of positivity.

Why Being You Rocks

woman enjoys peaceful sunset by the lakeChris Deaver

How do you achieve your full potential if when you think of success you’re constantly haunted by that pervasive “rockstar”? Here’s what I’ve learned: Stop comparing yourself to others, because Being You Rocks.

11 Quotes For When You Need That Spark Of Inspiration

sparkler goes off with bright lightThe Narrative

Sometimes you need a bit of inspiration to help you get the motivation you need to complete a task and these quotes will give you just that.

Secrets To Living A Better Life

Ways to Practice Self-Healing

woman holds crystal ballRutgers University

One thing I have learned about healing and recovering wounds is that there will always be people who are "there for you" but it is meaningless if we are not there for ourselves first. We have to be our biggest fans and support system (me, myself, and I). [READ ON]

5 Tips of Chill

sun kisses flowers in the morningTowson University

Whether it is your realization that you rushed yourself again into a one-sided relationship, or any more shenanigans, don’t panic. Don’t hate yourself or the world. Practice these 5 things to chill and live a better life. [READ ON]

Take One Step at a Time

woman walks slowly in a fieldTambria Marsh

I think of myself as a futuristic gal. Someone that struggles to live in the moment, all I want to do is see and know what is next. For these past few years, I've realized that I like to be in control and it stresses me out not to know what is next. [READ ON]

It’s Ok To Be Not Ok

Erica Yao

Thanks to my friends, family, and people who cared about me, luckily, depression finally left at the end of last semester. But there are people who never get a chance to see the bright world I see now. [READ ON]

5 Practical Ways To Be Kinder To Yourself, Because You Deserve The Same Love You Give To Others

woman enjoys free flowing lifestyleThe Narrative

Here are five things everyone should learn in order to be a better friend to themselves. These steps are hard, but they're so worth it.

The One Thought that Changed My Entire Attitude Towards Life

man stands on mountain top at sunsetFranklin, TN

You are probably wondering what in the world this magical, all powerful thing is that shifted my mindset. What did I do? I dialed in. I thought about what it really means to be "living" and what it means to wake up another day to get another chance.

Motivational Music

Anthems That Shaped My Life

woman listens to music in futuristic settingМилица Јовановић

These songs remind us to believe in ourselves, embrace growth, and face challenges head-on. They teach us the value of relying on ourselves, following our paths, and not letting others dictate our lives. We should also confront the impact of technology on our well-being and explore ways to disconnect and be present in the real world. Let's not forget about the art of effective communication, too!

Empowering Vibes: 10 Songs About Being Enough

artist performs in shadow with light behind himStephanie Chang

Everyone has bad days. Maybe you sleep through all of your alarms, or miss an important deadline. In times of distress, we turn to music. Whether that means listening to an upbeat tune to perk us up or a sad, slow ballad that pulls on just the right heartstrings, music is universal and never fails to bring our spirits up.

13 Songs To Listen To When You Need A Mood Booster

woman lays down listening to musicRutgers University

Everyone has those days (or weeks) where they're feeling down in the dumps and for me, one of the ways I can get out of that rut is by listening to some songs that make me want to dance or sing along. Here are 15 songs to listen to when you've caught a case of the blues.

9 Great Tunes To Start The Day Off Amazing

man listens to music during snowstormUniversity of Missouri

I don't know about you, but waking to a cold morning is a sure fire way to put me in a bad mood. If you are a night owl like me, a good playlist and a cup of coffee could make all the difference. So in this article, I will list songs that I promise will help you through those morning blues.

11 Songs That Will Hit You In The Feels, No Doubt About It

a cassette with yellow labelUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

We all have that one playlist that we resort to when we are really feeling some type of way — also known as a "feels" playlist.

Five Christian Songs for Those Struggling Right Now

mountain landscapeNya1998

Over the past year, I've struggled more with my mental health than at any other point in my life. These five songs have helped me through my hardest times.

More Ways To Get Your Mind Right

10 Positive Ideas To Start Your Day Off Right

year of positive thinking bookMiami University

This year I have been focused on creating my own happiness and thinking more positively towards life and my circumstances. I've been inspired by a book "A Year of Positive Thinking, Daily Inspiration, Wisdom, and Courage" by Cyndie Spiegel. Some of my favorite quotes from this book has gotten me through some hard times and have made me start my day, and sometimes my week, off great. Here are some entries I've enjoyed the most.

Change Your Mindset, Your Mind Needs It

person tries to meditate to change mindsetgianacapri23

Keeping a positive mindset is very difficult. There are always negative thoughts of self-doubt and self-sabotage that can linger in your mind, preventing any positivity. Getting into a routine and doing activities that can help your mindset are ways to improve positive thoughts flowing through your mind instead of negative ones.

Be Kind to Yourself: 8 Mental Health Tips to Try

brain exercises for better mental powerMillennials of Upstate NY

One way you can improve your quality of life is to take care of your mental health. As a result, you'll feel less depressed and be able to enjoy spending time with friends and family more often. These mental health tips might be just what you need to forget your problems.

The Power of Faith

man prays in fieldEmory University

As I grow older and wiser, Ive come to realize two things, 1. you can't do it alone and 2. believe in something or fall for anything. There is something powerful about having faith. Faith in God, faith in yourself, faith in your partner/spouse, faith in your kids, faith in your friends, faith in strangers, you get the point.

4 Ways To Avoid The Trap Of Toxic Positivity

woman glows in blue lightJessica Sparks

Toxic positivity is often an abundance of emotions that are confused and do not have a productive place to "go". No matter how well-intentioned it may be, toxic positivity is neither sustainable nor a healthy mechanism of facing obstacles. Let's redirect these uncomfortable and negative emotions in 4 different ways to free ourselves of the trap of toxic positivity.

I'm Learning To Prioritize Positivity Over Panic Because I Know That My Thoughts Have Power

woman smiles in open fieldThe Narrative

Although I think it is great to strive for goals, it is important to keep them realistic and attainable. We all have challenges. Whether it be mentally, physically, or financially, we are all affected in one way or another by challenges along the way. I know I want to make some positive changes in my life, and I know I'm not alone.

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