10 Positive Ideas To Start Your Day Off Right
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10 Positive Ideas To Start Your Day Off Right

Create happiness in your day!

10 Positive Ideas To Start Your Day Off Right

This year I have been focused on creating my own happiness and thinking more positively towards life and my circumstances. I got a book for Christmas called "A Year of Positive Thinking, Daily Inspiration, Wisdom, and Courage" by Cyndie Spiegel. Some of my favorite quotes from this book has gotten me through some hard times and have made me start my day, and sometimes my week, off great. Here are some entries I've enjoyed the most.

1. Kindness

When someone says something kind about you, choose to believe them

2. It's OK to say no



"Not now"

"Not going to happen"

"Possibly not ever"

Now is as good a time as any to stop saying yes to things you really want to say no to. If you've been waiting for permission to say no, permission granted. Say yes to the things you choose and no to the things you don't.

3. Light it up

You can light up your own damn life. Stop waiting for someone else to do it for you.

4. A life of your own choosing

What would you do differently if the opinions of others didn't matter? Write a list. Prioritize the items in order of what you are most excited about.

Start doing all of the things on your list. Then, consciously enjoy living a life of your own choosing.

5. Breathe, let go

"So stop and take a look at your own needs. Go mindless. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure." — Oprah Winfrey

6. Appreciate The Moment

For every day that you wake, be unbelievably grateful, because somewhere there is someone else who will not.

For every moment that you concern yourself with the goings-on of others, keep in mind that they too have problems.

For every second that you doubt the authenticity of your loving relationships, consider that many people are alone.

For each moment that you question your own worthiness, realize that you are the exact amount of enough.

Appreciate the beauty in everything, knowing that one day it will be long gone.

7. Reality and dreams coexist in possibility

Dreams exist to lead us toward new possibilities. Dreams are not in competition with reality. You can have both. Your version of being realistic doesn't mean that you can't work toward a bigger, brighter, and more bold version. But the moment that you decide that you must choose one or the other, you've chosen fear over the possibility. You've chosen your current experience over what it could be.

Consider that reality is simply what you make it. And you get to decide what your reality is.

The world can sometimes be too cynical; don't allow that cynicism to creep into your vision of what's possible. And don't allow someone else's version of reality to compromise your dreams.

8. Ordinary you are not

You are a unicorn in an ordinary world. This simple truth requires an acceptance that you will not please everyone. Be okay with this. Do not fear your own greatness. Surround yourself with people who appreciate your magic. Stand tall, shoulders back, and confidently speak your truth. Avoid trying to win the approval of others. And for the love of all things, don't ever allow yourself to play small to satisfy the needs of someone who cannot stand in your life.

9. Your past has brought you to your present

Make peace with your past: it showed you who you are. Every experience you've had before this moment created the beauty that is you. Accept that. Love yourself for all that you've become, but don't ever forget who you once were. Our most powerful lessons are garnered from our most difficult struggles.

10. Do NOT define yourself by your best or your worst

The worst and the greatest of times do not define who you are. You will have bad days and better days. There will be days that are so brilliant that they bring you to your knees in grace.

But you are steadfast.

The compilation of all of your experiences is what makes you the marvelous human being that you've become. Avoid getting caught up in the extremes, because they, like all things, are ever-fleeting.

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