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7 Reasons It's Okay You Don't Have Plans This Friday Night

I promise this doesn't make you a loser


Friday has finally rolled around and as your walking home for the day to start your night, your plans fall through. Somehow everyone you text has plans already or just wants to stay home tonight and you are left with absolutely nothing to do. But have no fear because, although we often forget, a little alone time is not a bad thing.

1. You actually have a chance to get ahead on homework

I mean this what you're supposed to be doing anyway, so you might as well save yourself a little stress on Sunday night. Honestly, even if you only spend an hour doing homework, you're still better off than you would have been. Who knows, maybe you could even get all of your homework done and have a movie night with friends on Sunday.

2. You can catch up on sleep

Welcome week is long gone which means that you're lucky if you get even six hours of sleep. School is hard and stressful but also fun and exciting. Mainly it's just tiring. I KNOW you're tired. I am too.

3. You can finally watch that Netflix show you've wanted to watch for the past year

You know the one that all your friends were talking about over the summer while you just sat there awkwardly playing on your phone. Or the one series that it seems everyone in the world has seen and makes references to. Now is as good of a time as any to get started on watching it. And who knows, maybe you will watch it next Friday night too.

4. You don't have to spend money on drinks

This is a real game changer. Think of all the money you could have saved if you had stayed every Friday night. Drinks are expensive, and they add up quick. Sure, buying a round of $2 shots for all of your friends seems like a good idea when you're drunk, but that money in your bank account sounds better the next morning. You probably could have paid off half of your loans by now, but hey! It's your choice!

5. You don't have to take the time to look cute

Nor do you have to wear shoes that kill your feet. I'll be the first to say that and an over-sized t-shirt and shorts are a lot more comfortable than anything I've ever worn to go out drinking. ALSO, it is a lot of work to get ready, and not having to go through that saves you a lot of energy and frustration.

6. No hangover!!!

The morning after drinking is never fun, even if you say you didn't get "that drunk.".You were still out super late and probably couldn't fall asleep the second you walked through the door. Not to mention, the first 12 hours of your Saturday consist of either sleeping or wishing you had made better decisions the night before.

7. You can really just lay on the couch and do... nothing

Complete and total bliss. Enjoy.

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