10 Activities For The College Kid Staying In Over Spring Break
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10 Activities For The College Kid Staying In Over Spring Break

Don't spend the whole week wallowing in self-pity.

10 Activities For The College Kid Staying In Over Spring Break

Hello wonderful people. Spring break is finally upon us and can I just be the first one to say, #PTL?! It's been a long time coming and I know many of us are so grateful for this welcome break from classes and stress, even if it's just for a week. This feeling is somewhat dampened, though, for those of us who don't have any crazy spring break plans.

Spring break in college is supposed to be the time when you go on spontaneous road trips with your friends or hit up Disneyland or surprise your friends who live out of state, but for some of us, it's just a week full of doing absolutely nothing.

Now I know that that's the dream for a lot of us- just lying in bed, napping all day, and taking occasional breaks to stuff our faces or troll the internet. But, for others, this is going to get REALLY boring REALLY quickly.

And so, I'm here to suggest a few spring break activities that will keep you from going insane out of boredom... and you don't even have to leave town!

1. Binge a new show

Breaks are the perfect time to hole up in your room and host a one-man Netflix show marathon. Break into the pantry, make yourself some popcorn, and commit to watching all 16 seasons of Grey's Anatomy in one week... okay, maybe that's not possible but you'll at least get through a couple seasons.

2. Become a master chef.

If you're secretly Remy from Ratatouille and have a passion for cooking but no chance to exercise it at school, go for it at home! Break out the pots and pans and learn how to make an awesome chicken parm or green bean casserole... or even mac and cheese, absolutely no judgment here.

3. Hit up your friends in town.

If you're going back home or staying at school, text your friends who are already there! Breaks are a great time to catch up with old friends and see people you haven't talked to in years.

4. Become a tourist

Yeah, you might already live there, but go explore your city and see all the sights you would if you were a tourist. Check out the museums and parks and buildings and shows. Go to the highest rated restaurants and see if it lives up to the hype. I promise, doing this is actually ridiculously fun.

5. Go see all the movies you missed.

If you were dying to go see Black Panther when it came out, but never found the time because schoolwork was piling up, NOW IS THE TIME! Go hit up your local movie theater with your friends and watch everything you never got a chance to go see.

6. Perfect your cookie recipe.

Maybe it's just me, but I LOVE coming home and baking a crap ton of cookies. There's nothing more satisfying than getting the recipe just right and tasting a perfect cookie. Also, this means you have goodies to take back with you for a rainy day... uh heck yes.

7. Go to local sporting events

If your old high school baseball team has a game going on or if your state college is going to the playoffs, go watch the game! It'll be a great opportunity to see your old friends and get to watch a fun game while you're at it... and also eat some hot dogs.

8. Catch up on reading

Maybe you're like me and you wish you had the motivation to read that one book you've heard awesome things about at school, but you just never find the time. Do it over break! You have all the time in the world without worrying about assignments being due and having to be places like class or work.

9. Watch old classics with the fam/roomies

There's something about going home and having a break from school that just demands to stay in and watching old classic movies with the people you live with. Find your favorite Audrey movie and go for it!

10. Start working on the summer bod

Ugh, this one sounds so lame because no one wants to spend their break actually being productive and hitting the gym, but spring break is a great time to get working on that summer bod, especially for those of us who haven't started yet.... aheh heh.

Spring break doesn't have to be boring if you choose to spend it doing things you love. Keep yourself busy, just without all the schoolwork ;)

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