5 Reasons Vinyls Will Never Go Out Of Style

Records. Those oversized frisbees that carry glorious and iconic sound. Many people think records are so 1970, but that is simply not the case. Walk into a bookstore and you see a section just for vinyl records. Here are five reasons vinyls will never go out of style.

1. Authentic

So you went thrift shopping last week and picked up an old record rusting in a bin. You bought it and took it back to the house for a listen. Nothing is more unique than putting a record on a record player to listen to it for the first time. The sound of the needle hitting the grooves and the crackle noise. It is antique and delicate. I remember the first record I ever bought. It was a Beatles album titled, Meet The Beatles. I remember listening to the entire record over and over again. It was like a blast from the past. The fact that a 40-year old record could still sound the same as the day it was released, was so cool.

2. Sound quality

I cannot count the times I have heard people say, “It sounds better on vinyl.” Something about listening to a song on vinyl. It tends to have a rustic yet clear sound quality to it. Nothing compares to putting a record on a turntable and hearing it begin to spin. It adds a sweet sound to the sound quality.

3. Memories.

I can always remember the first time I listened to ELO’s, Eldorado, on vinyl. The orchestra and sound effects were the coolest thing. Even though I was only five years old. I will always remember the feeling and memories of listening to my first ELO album, and better yet, it was on vinyl.

4. Looks cool.

We cannot deny that some records have awesome artwork. Many people like to buy records with unique artwork so they can have a copy. Pink Floyd fans know all about it. Whether it's four lads walking across a crosswalk, a photo of a hotel in California, or painting of a zeppelin (for the Led Heads), people love album artwork. Many others like the way records look on a shelf. I’m always full of happiness when I run out of places to put my records. I love the way I can organize them, and how they look on a shelf.

5. Collectible

Parents tend to pass down their old Styx, Journey, and ELO records to their kids. These records tend to mean a lot to parents and they want to pass them down. I know when my dad passed down a ton of records to me, it meant the world. I could begin my own record collection that I would one day pass down to my kids. I also try to buy new records that are released, so I can pass them down to my children. I really hope my children love Jake Bugg and Adele. Nothing also beats the feeling of finding an album you’ve been searching for. I know when I searched for a Beatles’ Rubber Soul album for two years. Once I finally found one, I was full of happiness. I was able to add to my collection.

Next time you are in a antique shop, look around to see if there are any records for sale. You never know what you will find when digging through a bin of old records. They are still in existence, trust me, because they never go out of style.
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