Millennials are in a bit of a rut. Between work, class, and balancing friendships, relationships, and family time – oh, and not to mention the stress of building one’s personal brand – time management can be tough. And not so surprisingly, nights out can feel more like another to-do task on your schedule rather than an #instaworthy occasion.

Throwback to 90s style Carrie Bradshaw, the Gossip Girl cast or anyone, really, from reality TV – side eyeing you Whitney Port – when 9 to 5’ers appeared as a breeze, and a day’s work was done upon sliding into a booth at the bar, Cosmo after Cosmo.

One of my favorite online health and wellness mags, Well + Good, deemed the current staying-in culture as one of this year’s biggest wellness trends. So what does that mean for the rest of us? Babes, it’s time to get your Pinterest-worthy bed-scape into action. (Yes, I’m making BEDSCAPE a thing.) F*ck FOMO and read on for three amazing ways to get cozy & say sayonara to Saturday-night guilt. Dinner, drinks, side-hustles and an a.m. 5K ritual just don’t blend well with tequila ‘til dawn, and that’s TOTALLY OK! Read on for details…


1. Love Thy Self First

You know how on a plane, you’re supposed to put on your own mask BEFORE helping anyone else – like, even your kids? This is sort of a less dramatic version of that. You can’t be the best version of yourself if you’re surviving on dehydrated, over-caffeinated, sleepless nights. Even though it’s really cute if your bf/gf takes you to dinner and a movie, it’s up to YOU to ensure you’re on your A Game, and feel awesome whilst doing whatever it is you do. Take the time to treat yo’ self, and do the things you love that maybe you put off during the week due to a demanding work sched, personal life or, (eek) both. Basically: read that book. Take that bath. Watch Big Little Lies, sans interruptions. Do you.

2. A Little Spring Cleaning...

If you haven’t already, it may be time to take a few nights in to KonMari your lifestyle. Remember the all that hype about The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up? An amazing book for the messy-at-heart, but also, a real eye-opener about what ‘sparks joy’ in our lives and what just weighs us, and our space, down. Perhaps, start with your dresser, your pantry, whatever – and then take the practice a bit more figuratively and figure out the people, jobs, or associations that are simply not ‘sparking joy’ anymore. In other words, let that sh*t go. You’ll feel much happier when you do, and those nights spent folding sweaters in a vertical formation will be worth it – pinky swear.

3. "Stay In Your Own Lane"

Scroll. Sigh. Scroll. Sigh. Scroll.

Sound familiar? It’s only natural that after consuming beach vacay after beach vacay, and everything in-between brunch vibes and #relationshipgoals that you’re going to feel, well, sh*tty – even if your life isn’t. Staying in, practicing self-care and just straight-up relaxing doesn’t have to be the soap opera it was made out to be many moons ago. Yes, you may be passing up on a few Rooftop Photo-Ops, but as writer for Elite Daily Chris Riotta, says, “Toga parties, rooftop parties, penthouse parties — they all sound like good ideas until you’ve already experienced one (or nine) of them.” Replace FOMO with JOMO, (Joy Of Missing Out ha!) and enjoy high-quality moments with your real friends, over really cheap wine and underwhelming movies, because, hey, it’s not only a fun time but good for your health.

Studies show social media networks are causing depression in millennials; and constantly consuming other people’s lives has a negative effect on our health. So suit-up in your fave onesie-of-the-moment, brew a cup of tea, and call up your people - doctor’s orders.

Of course, a night out has its glamour, and if you’re in the mood, pass the bubbly. But when you’re not, no need to trek out in a mini & heels, just because you want to make everyone else happy or have a desperate fear of FOMO.

To my fellow –stayer-inners, I hope this reaffirms your choice to choose cold brew over a cold brew if you feel like it. And to my chronic goer-outers, I look forward to your #cozy facemask selfies in the near future.