The first Toy Story movie came out in 1995 and made around $29,000,000 in box office sales in its opening weekend. It was nominated for three Oscars and three Academy Awards. The prequels, Toy Story 2 (2005) and Toy Story 3 (2010), only increased in popularity and success as people returned to the box office to see what happened next in the lives of Buzz and Woody, the movies' main characters.

Although the first movie came out several years before I was born, I grew up watching these movies and awaiting releases of new ones throughout the years. It's such a relatable concept as Andy, the toys' owner, grows up and goes off to college, leaving all the toys behind.

Toy Story 4, will feature the return of a character named "Bo Peep," who was introduced in the first movie but didn't appear in the second or third ones. This is one of the main reasons why I am going to see this movie.

I've literally had arguments with friends throughout the years that Woody had a love interest in the first movie, but it was never really explained what happened to her. Now that she is being reintroduced, I have been proven right and I can bask in my glory. I can gladly sit in a comfy theater chair, munch on my popcorn, sip my Coke, and enjoy being right about Bo Peep all along.

Besides the point, though, I am very excited to see what happens to the toys next. A new character has been featured in the trailers named "Forky." He is the main character of this fourth and final movie and causes a bit of trouble when he runs away. The gang has to chase him down and they run into Bo Peep along the way.

I've been waiting literal decades to find out what happened to Bo Peep and am beyond excited to do just that when this movie comes out. I have no shame in seeing this children's movie, and neither should you.