Almost 10 years after the release of "Toy Story 3," "Toy Story 4" will be released in June of this year. This film has been long anticipated by a lot of people, but I must admit, I wasn't very excited when I first heard about the possibility of a fourth Toy Story movie.

I grew up with Toy Story, and the way they wrapped up the last movie brought perfect closure to the franchise. However, after watching the trailer for Toy Story 4 (which was released today), I'm beyond excited.

The story left off with Andy leaving for college and his toys being handed down to Bonnie, an energetic little girl at prime toy-playing age.

The new trailer introduces an unfamiliar character, Forky, a toy who Bonnie made in school out of a spork and some craft materials. Forky is less than thrilled to go home with her, and would rather be thrown in the garbage. He escapes Bonnie's room and Woody chases after him, thus beginning the plot of the movie.

On his chase, Woody reunites with an old friend, Bo Peep, and must make a tough decision about whether to go back to Bonnie or start a new life at an amusement park.

All our favorite, wholesome themes return in this new film: love, friendship, and loyalty. I'm excited for a new generation to develop as much of a love for these characters and their adventures as I did.

Almost a decade later, Toy Story's comeback could appeal to a new generation...a new generation that grew up with cell phones and YouTube. I hope that Pixar takes this opportunity to spark imagination in today's children and encourages them to spend more time outside with their own toys, instead of in front of a screen.

As a die-hard Disney/Pixar fan, I have high hopes that this movie will live up to its expectations and impress those who still have the initial skepticism that I had. Just another reason that Summer can't come soon enough!