29 Christmas Gifts You Most Definitely Asked For As A '90s Baby
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29 Christmas Gifts You Most Definitely Asked For As A '90s Baby

These gifts from Santa will make you feel nostalgic this holiday season.

29 Christmas Gifts You Most Definitely Asked For As A '90s Baby
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Christmas as a child meant endless surprises and the possibilities of magic. Conversations of Santa's 12 reindeer and the smell of hot cocoa filled the air in the weeks proceeding Christmas Eve as the spirit of the holidays came to light.

In between the overplayed Christmas tunes and long lines at the mall, being a kid always meant thinking of a list of toys you wanted to ask Santa Claus for in hopes you made the nice list that year.

With 2018 around the corner, it seems that lists are growing shorter and prices are escalating as Santa is expected to make more toys with the help of elves that have a background in technology rather than en expertise in woodwork.

Throwing back to the simpler days, when Santa slid down the chimney to deliver gifts promoting creativity and imagination, these 29 toys will make any 90s kid nostalgic and wishing for the good ole' days.

1. Bratz Passion For Fashion Funky Makeover Head

2. Blues Clues Mailbox with booklet

You were even cooler if you had Steve's Couch shaped booklet and awkwardly large crayon to match.

3. The Mystery Machine Tin Lunch Box

4. Toy Story Mr. Mike Voice Changer Tape Recorder

If you weren't lucky enough to unwrap this on Christmas morning as a kid, you can purchase it today on Ebay.com for $296.

5. Lip Smacker Soda Pop Chapstick

Every trip to Limited Too wasn't complete without stocking up on at least three flavors at check out.

6. Plush Reptar Doll

Saturday morning cartoons weren't complete without a bowl of sugary cereal and Reptar sitting at the table.

7. Rocket Power Alarm Clock

If this alarm clock didn't make you want to get up early on a weekend morning and strap on a pair of rollerblades, were you even a Rocket Power fan?

8. Skip It

9. Tomogatchi

Photo Courtesy of telegraph.co.uk

Introducing Sims before Sims. Any 90s kid surely had a keychain linking together at least seven different Tomogatchis.

10. Lite Brite

11. Easy Bake Oven

I'm still wondering how powder mixed with water cooked by a light was ever supposed to look like a layered cake with icing.

12. Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

13. Polly Pockets

14. Furby

In all honesty, I spent years afraid of owning a Furby after seeing Gremlins, but eventually came to own a collection of five.

15. Radica Girl Tech Password Journal

I had two brothers that would simply use a butterknife to break in, but that didn't keep me from begging Santa for a password journal as soon a I could write.

16. Gel Pens

17. Conair Quick Braid

This was more of a torture device than a toy, however no sleepover was complete without trying to bedazzle each other's hair with a series of small braids.

18. American Girl Doll

Photo Courtesy of Buzzfeed.com

19. Hit Clip

In between the transition from Walkmans to iPods, Hit Clips allowed you to listen to 30 seconds of all your favorite songs. Cue the nostalgic Backstreet Boys and Destiny's child obsession.

20. Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards

21. Slinky

22. Any Spy Tech Toy Ever

Walkie-talkies, motion detectors and recording devices are just a few of the Spy Tech toys that made every child's Spy Kids dreams come true.

23. Nerf Guns

24. Roll On Lip Gloss

25. Slap Bracelets

26. Tech Deck

Mastering the technique of a Tech Deck took practice, but if you could learn a few tricks you could impress anyone at lunch time or recess.

27. Glow In The Dark Speed Stacks

28. Bey Blades

29. Scannerz

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