The Ultimate Guide To Being An Odyssey EIC

The Ultimate Guide To Being An Odyssey EIC

Step by step instructions to creating a thriving Odyssey community.

Ever wondered what it takes to become the Odyssey Editor in Chief of your dreams? Here's a complete guide straight from Odyssey HQ that will ensure you don't miss a thing! Follow these daily tips to build a thriving community.


Contact exec team

Objective: Get in touch with your exec team debrief and strategize for the week. This is a great time to start planning a team meeting or just discuss their individual responsibilities.

Email debrief to CS

Objective: The goal of a debrief email is for you as EIC to understand your own team and be able to verbalize those things to your CS. The best debrief emails help you not only take stock of your team on Sunday but as a touch base throughout the following week.

Before Sunday night you should send a debrief email from the weekend. This debrief should also inform specific concerns to address on your EIC call this week or next.


Sunday Debrief Email

Post in Group

Objective: Sunday afternoon (after your debrief) is a great time to reach out to your Creators as a team. Encourage them for the week ahead, remind them to submit Wednesday and get them talking. It’s always best to get a conversation going --- gauge if they are having any problems and make sure they know they have your support if needed.


Post in Group

Objective: #MondayMotivation -- Send an inspirational message to your team to get them excited about the week.

Metrics update from CS

Objective: Your Content Strategist will be editing most of the day, so this will likely be the only time today you hear from them. The goal of this update is to consolidate their EIC tracking doc into one easy message, reminding you of your team’s goal and breaking down how far you have left to go in the month.

Share Articles, Social Strategy

Objective: Only 16 percent of your friends will see what you post on Facebook. Re-sharing promising content shows Facebook you are an active User and willing to stay on the site. Spend about an hour testing new headlines, cover photos and social briefs to see what works for your friends.

Step 1: Work with your CS to get the week and month’s content. If a CS reaches out to you about an article shared on Odyssey's owned social, rally your community to comment on that post, like it, & share it.

Step 2: Look specifically at the top performers and at the content you and your CS thought had potential but didn’t do as well as you hoped. What can you do better?

Step 3: Consider changing the headline and cover photo

Step 4: (for both top performers and potential top performers): Have the Creator re-share the updated content with a new social brief

Objective: Sharing in large, relevant Facebook groups is a great way to spread your content on Facebook without relying solely on your network of friends.

Step 1: Check out the content you had this month and see if it’s relevant to a broader audience.

Step 2: Join groups with more than 1,000 members. Check the description to make sure you can share outside links

Step 3: Share the article and pose a question or have a strong pull-quote in the social brief

Step 4: Engage with the people commenting on the post.

Resource: 6 Ways You Can Crack Facebook's Code

Objective: Share on multiple platforms to reach different types of audience. The people who frequent Twitter may not necessarily use StumbleUpon and the people who are on Reddit may not be on Facebook. Take in consideration the type of content that is often shared on each site and be smart about where and when to share on other platforms.

Step 1: Analyze what content can do well on platforms other than Facebook. Ex: Twitter: news, celebrities; Reddit: long-form; Pinterest: quotes, fitness

Step 2: Note posting dead zones and avoid them

Step 3: Post with an engaging social brief if necessary


Article Ideas

Objective: Tuesday is the perfect time to start brainstorming content ideas for the deadline tomorrow. Spend about an hour Tuesday afternoon reviewing the ideas your Content Strategist sent to you and thinking about what type of content would perform well within your community. Send these ideas to your creators.

Step 1: Take into account things like trending content on Odyssey this week (you can find this in your Odyssey newsletter), trending content from your community this week, timely events and content that has performed well historically for you. You can also check trending content on Facebook or Twitter each week.

Step 2: Talk to your Creators about noteworthy topics, and work with them to develop their own ideas.

Step 3: Send Creators Odyssey's Library Of Digital Media Resources.

Call with CS (Weekly or Bi-weekly)

Objective: A successful EIC call gives you everything you need for the current week and the month overall. (Your Sunday debrief email will also dictate where this call leads.) You will typically be on a bi-weekly call schedule but talk with your CS to determine if a weekly call would work better for you.

Step 1: Prep for your EIC Call. You should come prepared with team updates (which Creators did not submit and why, who is new on your team) as well as questions or troubles you’re having as EIC. It’s also helpful to note anything new you’ve learned, as well as anything you’d like to learn from your CS this week.

Step 2: Jump on a 30-minute call with your CS.

Check Requests

Objective: Members of your community will request an invite to join your team at any time. Check Muse at least twice per week for any requests and contact those applicants.

Step 1: Check Muse for requests.

Step 2: Contact requests to gauge their interest in joining your team.

Step 3: Onboard creators you think are great cultural fits for your team. Follow this process.


Objective: Your team is constantly growing and changing, and new Creators could be just around the corner.

Step 1: Use your network! Reach out to friends, sorority sisters, club members, teammates, and classmates and tell them about the opportunity. Look for leaders within your community and across your campus.

Step 2: Post on your own personal social media + ask your team posts their own social media blurb about joining Odyssey!

Step 3: Email clubs and organizations to pass along a message on their listserv.

Resource: Try posting this message around on Facebook: "Odyssey is looking for Content Creators! Hoping to build your resume without interrupting your schedule? Odyssey democratizes the way stories are told online. We believe multiple perspectives, opinions, and ideas should be captured and heard, shared, and amplified on a worldwide scale. Hyperlocal voices looking to gain digital exposure and a clipbook of work should request an invite to join the platform. Why not start today? Request an invite here:


(Creators submit deadline by 5 p.m.)

Post in Group

Objective: Coach team to submit on time today. Shout out rock star Creators for things like views, shares or culture from the week prior. It will help encourage creators to submit on time.

Call with CS (Weekly or Bi-weekly)


Post in Group

Objective: Roundup any creators that missed the deadline.

Edit Content

Objective: By now, each of your Creators should have at least one piece in. Spend this time working through your line edits & packaging content.

Step 1: Read through the entire piece, correcting grammar and syntax errors. Make sure to leave comments noting your changes or encouraging your Creator.

Step 2: Ensure the piece is packaged well.

Step 3: Schedule the share.

Step 4: As you edit, write down headlines of pieces you think will do well to include in your debrief email later on.

Step 5: As you edit, mark off Creators who have submitted on your tracking doc.


EIC Editing 101

Tracking Doc

Download Grammarly, a Google Chrome extension to help with editing

Package Content (in tandem with editing)

Objective: You want to make your team’s articles the most attractive articles on the web.

Step 1: Make sure cover photos are attention-grabbing. Make sure cover photos are attention-grabbing. Use Pexels, Unsplash, and Kaboompics for free stock photos that are also aesthetically pleasing.

Step 2: The headline should be concise and creative. If it’s a listicle, include the number of items in the headline

Step 3: The social media brief is the subhead or a blurb that teases the article.

Step 4: Choose a time you believe the article will do best. Monday at 10 a.m. is always a great time to schedule a post because content begins to take off at that time.

Step 5: Make sure the Creator has an engaging social share. Blatant self-promotion puts the content at the bottom of the Newsfeed. Consider having them change the share text to a strong pull-quote or a question.


How To Craft The Perfect Headline


Odyssey's Library Of Digital Media Resources

Call with CS (Weekly or Bi-weekly)

Check Requests

Objective: Members of your community will request an invite to join your team at any time. Check Muse at least twice per week for any requests and contact those applicants.

Step 1: Check Muse for requests.

Step 2: Contact requests to gauge their interest in joining your team.

Step 3: Onboard creators you think are great cultural fits for your team. Follow this process.


All edits are done (By Noon)

Objective: Ensure that all edits are completed for your CS to tackle. Content will go live from your CS first thing Monday morning and throughout the week.

Make sure weekly email is sent to your community (By 5 p.m.)

Objective: Keeping your community updated is an essential part of the EIC role.

Emails should include, but not limited to:

1. Reminders & announcements

2. Creator // article shoutouts

3. Metrics updates

4. A tip of the week (how to share your article, how to format properly, etc.)


Want to build an exec team?

Why should you build an editorial executive team to help you out?

1. Creator experience outside the Odyssey bubble: Giving creators the opportunity to take on leadership and responsibility that they can carry onto future opportunities depending on their career trajectory

2. These positions dont diminish the EIC role as it is now or what it could be in the future. Rather, these different leadership roles give the EIC the opportunity to hold his/her executive team accountable. The EIC is partaking in all of the other leaders responsibilities, but has a direct person who knows everything about a particular EIC task [i.e., The EIC understands Facebooks algorithm and can coach creators around packaging, but the social media director makes it a point to research best practices to present to EIC, do smart sharing hacks, etc.]

3. Giving creators these titles specifically presents new opportunities for them to interact with different counterparts across the country, just as EICs do now in the Facebook group. There can also be opportunities for them to benefit from group calls with NYCs best outreach specialists, audience development team, or culture queens

4. This doesn’t need to be seen much differently from any other structure in any other organization (i.e. Greek Life has a president & a board, the U.S. president has a cabinet, Odyssey HQ has different departments working in tandem, etc.)

Here are the positions you can bring on:

1. Outreach Specialist

2. Social Media Director

3. Community Health Manager

4. Contributing Editor

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How to Become a Social Media Expert?

Simple steps to becoming a social media guru

With the advent of the Internet, the world is becoming digitalized at a rapid pace. Out of several aspects of the Internet, social media interaction is one of the most useful & widespread applications used by people across the globe. Social media is one of the most influential innovations of the Internet that helps individuals from across the corners of the world to reach out and interact with other people through the social media. 

In addition to interacting with other people worldwide, social media is also immensely useful for the online businesses in reaching out to the target audience in an effective manner. Social media is a very important aspect of Digital Marketing towards creating effective brand awareness. With the presence of several effective social media platforms like the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, the online business ventures are able to gather ample attention from the target audience in an effective manner. As such, social media is becoming increasingly important for the brands out there towards engaging with the target audience effectively. 

Role of the Social Media Expert

Wish to climb the ladders to success by becoming a social media expert? Social media expert is a specialist in the field of social media marketing who is well-versed with the inside & out of social media marketing & its importance for the online businesses out there. A social media expert is well aware of the basics of social media marketing and how to convince the customers on different social media. 

To be able to succeed in the field of running an online business, it is important to be in touch with a professional social media expert. Right from the presence of in-depth knowledge to the relevant expertise in the given field, here are some of the important ways of being an effective social media expert in an effortless manner:

· Proper Theoretical Knowledge: To be a social media expert, having in-depth knowledge about the basic concepts of social media & its marketing techniques is of the utmost importance. For developing proper theoretical knowledge about social media marketing, one of the best ways is to go through a lot of guides and how-to posts on the leading online sites. By being well-aware of the terminologies and strategies involved with effective social media marketing, nothing can stop you from being a successful social media expert. 

· Learning the Art of Automation: Another important tip for becoming a professional social media guru is learning the art of automation. If you are inexperienced in social media marketing, you would choose to manually draft the different social media updates or to selectively automate particular tasks. However, if you wish to be a true social media guru, then you must learn automating each & every aspect of social media possible out there. There are several examples of automation that can be adopted by the social media guru. Here are some of them:

1. Automatic re-tweeting

2. Automatic following of people back as they would follow you

3. Automatic mentioning

4. Automatic direct messages & automated posts from other social media blogs

5. Automated posting to LinkedIn from some other network

By practicing these automation techniques, you are able to save ample time & energy towards becoming a pro at social media marketing.

· Try Buying Reputation: To be a famous, professional social marketing expert, it is important to hold a great reputation amongst maximum people out there. When you have a trustworthy reputation amongst the online groups, there are higher chances of achieving the desired success for your online business. Though you might consider building a reliable reputation to be a daunting task, it is pretty simple to achieve the same. 

By increasing your number of followers on the different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others, you can establish a strong connection of high reliability and increased reputation amongst your target audience. There are several effective ways of increasing your overall follower base. There are several leading social media marketing service providers out there that tend to increase the fan base by paying out lucrative cash prizes or some additional services upon following them. You can try out the same for yourself to get more number of followers on different social media platforms. 

· Post High-Quality Content: If you wish to be a successful social media expert, then you need to develop the trust of the audience out there. Effective content marketing is considered to be one of the most successful ways of giving a boost to your social media presence. When you post high-quality content on different social media platforms, the readers out there start acknowledging you as a reliable brand. By posting high-quality, informative content on the social media channels, you can make grounds for retaining them for a longer duration towards reading your content and accessing the services offered by your online business. 

Content marketing on different social media channels can help you leverage the benefits offered by the powerful network of different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others to enhance your overall social media presence. While doing effective content marketing for enhancing your social image, it is essential to be active towards replying to your audience on a regular basis. Moreover, it is also recommended to keep posting your content on a frequent basis to keep up the active interest of your target audience.

· Offer Content with Some Value: Though you might be posting some high-quality content, if you truly wish to retain your target customers for the longest period of time, it is important to post some content with great value. Content materials like e-books, webinars, or some other type of content can help you gain ample value over other social media influencers on the Internet. 

By posting such high-quality, informative, valuable content on the social media, you are able to earn bonus points by capturing some effective leads. As a result, the faster you are able to create an everlasting impression with smart content online, the more secure your overall social media platform is going to be. 

· Establish Connections with Other Experts: There are several people out there who have already excelled in the art of effective social media marketing through their professional presence. If you are starting out on becoming an expert on the social media platforms, it is essential to keep learning from the existing experts out there. Most of these experts have already gone through what it takes to be successful on the online medium. By learning effective tricks from them, you can walk on your own path to success as a social media expert.

If you wish to learn some important tricks from the leading social media experts out there, then it is important to establish a strong connection with the existing experts. You can do so by reaching out to them on their social media profiles and talking it out to them. Become friends with these influential people and you might pick up a few things that you might not have noticed or figured out on your own. By knowing them personally, you can contact them through any of the social media channels for getting effective tips, tricks, and hints in order to master the specific social media realm. 

· Attend Events: Though your online social media presence is vital to the overall success of your individual profile, it is equally important to establish some sort of offline presence as well. You can do this by attending some major events or meet-ups that are organized every now & then. By attending these events, you are able to meet people who are already involved in the social media industry and are excelling at it. Moreover, your overall appearance will go handy with the given status of being a social media expert. 

For ensuring the same, you should keep checking the websites displaying information about local events in your area. For instance, Twitter, Facebook, and are some of the great places to start your journey. From these websites, you will be able to gather ample information with respect to befriending new as well as seasoned players in the given field. All of these resources can help you in achieving your dream of becoming a successful social media expert. 

Are you looking forward to becoming a successful social media expert? Learn from these helpful ways of becoming a social media influencer and an expert on the online medium.

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6 Ways To Eat Like A Queen At The College You Didn't Choose For Its Dining Halls

Nourish yourself — and make it taste great too!

In college, we’re trying to do a lot of things. Study, work, make friends, and, oh yeah, eat. I never believed my friends when they would say, “I just never have time to eat in college!” No time to eat? Preposterous!

Well, they were right. Being a student is time-consuming, and with so many new responsibilities, the task of eating can fall behind — until it's too late and your stomach is growling so you eat an entire box of Oreos.

So that’s why I’m writing this article. To remind myself, and maybe others too, how important food is. And I’m just talking about whether or not you’re eating healthy food, but food that you like, tastes good, gives you what you need, and is healthy to boot!

There are a few issues with eating in college, so I’m here to break them down for you. And the first is that oh-so-convenient fluorescent dining hall.

In my experience with colleges, not all dining halls are created equal. Before I chose to be at Western Washington University, I toured schools with dining halls to envy some restaurants. Ones with endless and diverse options, that were healthy and prepared right in front of you. They were spectacular.

But let me tell you: I did not choose Western for the food (at least not the food offered on campus).

Perhaps I was spoiled as a child with parents who not only cooked homemade meals every night, but ones that tasted good, were healthy and left me with the impression that food will always be this amazing. Well, here at the dining hall, food is a bit hit or miss. While they do have some things going for them (the French fries, oh my lord), eating every meal here will make you feel a little disappointed.

But, if you’re going to eat in the dining hall, here are some tips.

1. Take advantage of the salad bar not just by making a salad.

The salad bar is a great resource for salad, of course, but for other things too. Vegetables should be eaten frequently, and in fun and fresh ways so you don’t get bored. Put spinach in those pasta dishes they serve, or on your sandwich. Add slices of tomato to toast or pizza. And toss a combination of veggies with rice and a protein for a healthier comfort food option. Not only will you feel healthier, but you’ll probably feel more creative too as you experiment with vegetables in unimaginable ways.

2. Make the food your own.

Since they prepare the dishes for you, not everything in one meal is going to be appetizing all the time. So, feel free to mix and match! Chicken from one station, potatoes from another! If you get a burger, you can get a salad too! No one says you must eat what they set out for you. Try different things and find food you truly like to eat.

Money is not on our side when it comes to college. Paying for tuition, fees, housing, and books will leave most of us broke and in debt. But alas, food — particularly good food — costs money. So make the most of your dollar to fill yourself up!

3. Buy in bulk — or, really, not in bulk.

In college, we’re really only cooking for ourselves. And while we can EAT, we certainly don’t go through as much food as we used to at home when multiple people were eating off it. One solution I’ve found is to go to stores that provide bulk bins of items where I can get exactly how much I need. This is great for a recipe that requires a bunch of different items you don’t keep on hand. And while this would be expensive to do for families, for us college students it’s a great use of money. Buying fewer ingredients means less food going bad which means less wasted money.

4. If you’re a produce fan, try imperfect produce!

A friend of mine recently recommended this service to me. Every week (or every other week if you want), you get produce items shipped to you that have slight imperfections meaning it can’t be sold in stores. The cost is 30-50% what you pay in stores, meaning if you’re someone who spends a lot of your food budget on fruit and veggies, it’s worth it!

An awesome part of college is moving to a new city, with new food experiences! Going out to eat is a great social activity, and a good way to try new things. And to really optimize your restaurant experience, try these things.

5. Get a doggy bag.

To make the most of your dollar, take advantage of the to-go box. Then you can have a great meal twice! I was recently at a bakery that serves huge slices of cake that I never finish when the cashier told me she likes to cut the slice in half and put one half in a box before she even starts eating. How brilliant! Having this mentality in a meal will just make those microwave leftovers that much sweeter and you anticipate eating them another day. Have your cake and eat it too!

6. Eat local.

My last tip is important for many reasons: your health, the health of your community, and your enjoyment of food. Eat things that are local! When grocery shopping, find the local items and grab them up! Pay attention to restaurant menus and see if you can find out where they get their meat, bread, and even dairy items from. Order meals that include local ingredients. The food will be fresher and better tasting, it will help to support local farms as well as cut down on the fossil fuel usage to get your food to you. And for the love of God, don’t go to chain restaurants. Try new places in your new city!

Whatever you eat, make sure you love it! College is a hectic time and food should serve to nourish us and make us feel good, not be a stressful burden. Take time to really enjoy your next meal, trust me.

Cover Image Credit: Lauren Gallup

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