Odyssey's Library Of Digital Media Resources

Here you'll find Odyssey's library of resources to help our Content Creators tell better stories and reach wider audiences with them. From defeating writer's block to optimizing your content for search engines, there's something in here that will help you take your work to the next level.

Our resources fall into three main categories –– things you need to know before you create, during the creation process, and after your content is posted.

Before you start creating:

How To Figure Out Who Your Target Audience Is

The best Odyssey Creators know exactly who they write for... do you?

How To Write News Content People Care About

Your audience doesn't want the facts and figures. They want to connect with you.

During the creation process:

7 Ways To Write Headlines Readers Can't Ignore

How to grab your audience's attention with something simple and descriptive.

How To Choose The Perfect Cover Photo Every Time

Don't let people scroll past your article ever again.

After it's posted:

7 Ways You Can Crack Facebook's Code

Emperor Zuckerberg wants to help you reach your audience, but only if you play his game.

The Ultimate Guide To Being A Pinterest Rockstar

It's not all about pretty pictures, but it kind of is.

The Ultimate Guide To Winning The Instagram Game

Yes, Instagram is a game and you can totally wine.

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