Hey sisters! Today we are going to be talking about something that has been taking over the YouTube community recently. James Charles has made many, many mistakes in the past, but he has said and done some things recently that have just seemed to cross the line. If you don't know who James Charles is, he is a self-made influencer from Bethlehem, New York, who moved to Los Angeles shortly after graduating high school in 2017. At only 19 years old, James Charles has over 10 million subscribers, but that may not last very long.

One of James' closest allies, Tati Westbrook, another beauty influencer in the YouTube community has served as a role model and somewhat of a mother-figure to James throughout his career on YouTube. She has been with him through thick and thin and has helped guide him through some of his past scandals. This is where the tea gets sister spilled, though. Tati owns a vitamin supplement called Halo Beauty, which is a direct competitor with a well-known brand called Sugar Bear Hair. In April, James did a sponsorship with Sugar Bear Hair, promoting this product. Tati, feeling "betrayed" and "lost" took to social media to share her emotions, beginning the whole feud between the two.

In response, James took the initiative and made an apology video. He stated that Tati has definitely served as a mother-figure for him and that he regretted promoting Sugar Bear Hair products. He further explained that he did not accept any money from the company but only did the deal as a favor after they provided him with security at Coachella, a popular music festival. Despite his best attempts, Tati did not accept James' apology. She made a response video titled "BYE SISTER," explaining both she and her husband had invested much of their lives into James and his career and overall felt betrayed. She stated the situation from her perspective and said it had absolutely nothing to do with money.

In this video, Tati brought a lot of James' unknown behaviors to the table. She explained she was tired of apologizing for his rude tendencies such as lashing out at other beauty influencers and hitting on straight men. This shocked many of James' subscribers and has caused James to lose over 3 million subscribers in almost 2 days while Tati has gained nearly that same amount.

James has responded with a video apologizing for his actions. He has accepted full responsibility and has not tried to defend himself or what he has done. Hopefully, he has learned from this experience and can take a break from social media to clear his mind and spend time with family.