After "Thank U, Next" was released, it became a HUGE hit. Then, Ariana started teasing the music video on Instagram. She shared a picture of her dressed up as Regina George from "Mean Girls." After seeing that picture, I was SUPER excited for the video to come out. When it finally did, it broke the internet. Literally. I'm now OBSESSED with the song and the video.

1. Kris Jenner as Regina George's mom

2. Our favorite woman, Paulette

3. The OG himself, Aaron Samuels

4. Ariana's version of the Burn Book

5. When she said Mac Miller was an angel

6. Channeling her inner Elle Woods during the Bend and Snap

7. Jamming like Torrance

8. This ICONIC scene from Mean Girls

9. Her self love

10. Her honesty