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Underneath It All: A Guide To Your Skin's Undertones

Because buying makeup isn't easy... it's basically science.

Underneath It All: A Guide To Your Skin's Undertones

When I first started doing makeup, I had no idea what to do when it came to buying complexion products. I was merely a pre-teen looking to cover up hormonal acne, so I wanted it to look like a new layer of skin. It took me about eight years to find my personal perfect formula. I wouldn't say I'm a pro at buying foundation now, but since I began creating looks on clients, I started to study different skin tones and types since I would be dealing with other people's skin.

Buying makeup isn't easy; in fact, every time you try out a new product, it's basically a science experiment. Will this color match my skin tone correctly?How will my skin react to this formula?Is it cruelty-free? It's all trial and error, and the possibilities to find the perfect shade match for foundation are endless. Even the world's most famous beauty guru, James Charles, just learned to match his foundation correctly after working years in the industry.

In a recent video, James Charles is on a quest to find his perfect foundation shade.James Charles / YouTube

Let's get this straight. Not even a professional makeup guru could find his perfect match? That's telling enough that correctly buying makeup isn't easy.

Finding your perfect match starts with your skin's undertones; the three major categories are cool, neutral, and warm. Once you understand the tone of your skin, you should be able to find your foundation match in no time!

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If you're looking for a crash course in undertones, you've come to the right place! So buckle up, because there is a lot of information coming your way.

Cool Undertones

Celebrities with cool undertones: Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, Duckie Thot

We'll first start with the lighter end of the spectrum and work our way deeper. You have cool undertones if:

• Your skin typically has a slight pink, red, or blue appearance

• Under natural light, your veins appear blue or purple

• Silver jewelry tends to be more flattering on you

• You get sunburned easily

• Jewel tones compliment your skin tone

Neutral Undertones

Celebrities with neutral undertones: Lana Condor, Selena Gomez, Kerry Washington

Neutral undertones have been seen as both a blessing and a curse. If you have a neutral undertone, you can basically pull off any color; however, it's much more difficult for someone with a neutral undertone to find their perfect foundation match.

You have a neutral undertone if:

• Your skin doesn't appear either pink/red/blue or yellow/golden/peach

• Under natural light, your veins appear blue or green

• You burn, but it later turns tan

• Both silver and gold jewelry looks flattering on you

Warm Undertones

Celebrities with warm undertones: Kim Kardashian West, Rihanna, Jackie Aina

Warmer undertones tend to be what everyone wants. With the bronzing and contouring makeup trend, anyone can make their skin tone appear a bit warmer. If you have a warm undertone, consider yourself lucky, you bronzed god/goddess!

You have a warm undertone if:

• Your skin typically has a golden, yellow appearance

• Under natural light, your veins appear olive or green

• You tan easily

• Gold jewelry tends to be more flattering on you

• Earth tones compliment your skin tone

With that information, I hope you've found out which category you fall under! Hopefully finding makeup to perfectly fit your complexion won't be as difficult. Good luck, glam gang!

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