My Real Life Miracles ​​
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My Real Life Miracles ​​

We all have those friends in life that have made an impact on us for the better.

My Real Life Miracles ​​

This is a response to "To The Girl Who Is Showing Up For Herself".

The coolest thing about being a human being is being able to interact and connect with others. We are all going through this crazy mystery of life and trying to figure it out day to day on a floating globe, I repeat, a floating globe. I have always viewed humans as the end all be all in a physical sense. Of course we are not alone and there are animals, insects, sea creatures, birds galore that roam the Earth and call it home. But, when it comes to humans connecting with other humans, there is nothing that remotely compares. What I mean by that is there is no greater being than a human that feels to the capacity that humans do and has the moral compass that humans do. We might talk to our dog and get cuddles from them, but we will never be able to mentally connect with them. There isn't another Earthly being that we know of that connects with us the way that only humans can do.

That is why I call my friends real life miracles.

We meet so many people throughout our lifetime, and to say I am lucky with the people that have stuck around in my life would be an understatement. So, to honor those people that have stuck around with me through life's crazy and given me the best wisdom, here is a letter for you.

Dear Cordy,

You popped into my life so unexpectedly and so beautifully. Both a little lost in the transitions of our 20's and trying to figure it out, we instantly connected through our empathetic personalities, September birthdays, love of God, our homeland of Virginia, and yearn for spontaneous adventures. You taught me to stay true to my faith and not settle for anything less than I deserve. Our long, wisdom filled talks, crazy adventures in Knoxville, and random hangouts are all reasons why you make life exciting. I also appreciate your tender honesty and the way you express your opinions through heart felt words. You are truly beautiful in all ways! When I am down, you remind me that there are great miracles all around us and coming for us. You are a boss babe and always stay true to yourself even when the pressures of the world try to tell you to change. That is admirable none of the less. Even though we have not known each other long, you remind me that time means nothing.

Dear Anna,

We had a long car ride recently where we were rehashing on the fact of how fast we hit it off at brother event for my business fraternity in college. When you were supposed to go around meeting different brothers, you ended up talking to me the entire night as we spiraled into a whirlwind of life talks and silly laughter. Your positivity and goofy personality is what makes you, you, and I am so thankful to have someone like that in my life. No matter what I am going through, you are there for me right away making sure everything is okay. Your strength though what life has dealt you inspires me to be a better person and live life like there is no tomorrow. You are bold, hard working, and strive to make the people around you happy. Whether we are going on a random road trip, having a girls night out, or kicking back watching funny Youtube videos, we are always having a great time. You are a fellow ENFJ personality like me and always relate to what I am going through. Keep radiating your beauty and never change who you are!

Dear Erin,

You are my childhood best friend. Even though we do not talk all the time and only see each other so often, we always pick up right where we left off. You were my bestie in first grade and together we tackled the basketball court with the boys at recess. We dressed up for Fall Festival in elementary school, got lost in the woods for hours, and dealt with parents being mad at us...a lot. We had our spats as we grew up, but through the years it only made us closer. From dancing around the family room and playing Text Twist on the computer, to watching you go through your first heartbreak, we truly grew up together. We both have laughed and cried. We both have loved and have lost. Never once have I felt like I could not go to you for something and that to me that means the world. You are my sporty sister and never fail to join in on my tomboy excursions. Our memories are priceless and you are priceless, never forget that. Even though you are in Florida, we always make an effort to see each other and I know that you will be there through it all.

Dear Elise,

What a wild ride, literally, of how we met. Catching a connecting flight from Denver to Nashville, who would have thought that the passenger sitting next to me would turn out to be one of my closest friends? For the first few minutes of the flight we did not talk, but once we bonded over the itchy masks and how we were sweating bullets, the rest of the plane didn't once catch us silent. We told our life stories in what felt like a matter of minutes and I was surprised at how open you were. We were laughing and telling stories of our past like we were old friends reconnecting for the first time in a while. When the plane landed, we vowed to hangout and exchanged numbers to hopefully hangout since you lived in the Nashville area. From there, the rest is pretty much history. You are literal sunshine and are always are so empathetic to the people around you. You truly listen to people and are always immersed in the conversation. There is never a stranger you cannot talk to and you could make friends with a rock. Whether it's dancing like no one is watching, blasting old hits together, or taking long walks to ponder life, I don't know where I would be without you. I am lucky for FaceTime and cheap flights on Spirit so I can still see your pretty face!

Dear Alana,

This is a friendship that turned out to be a friendship I didn't know I needed! It is crazy to think that we started off as just people saying "hi" because you worked at the front desk of the gym I went to. Over time, our friendship grew as I spent more time talking to you because of how often I was there. You were always a gentle listener and made me laugh over the funniest stuff. Fast forward to now, we have shared so many fun memories together. Our crazy Mexican food nights laughing about boys and drinking frozen margaritas, getting Crumbl cookies, running into someone we know everywhere, sharing our favorite workout songs, seeing who is stronger in the gym, usually it is you haha and much more. You have seen me though some of my hardest and most vulnerable moments and been nothing but a good friend to me. You sacrifice so much of your heart for others and want the best for them. Your kindness, gentle soul, and straight facts about life is what makes me lucky to have you in my life. You remind me to stay true to myself and not waste my energy on people that don't see my worth. If I have something going on like a date, you are always one of the first people to ask how it went or how I am feeling. Those people are rare, and I am blessed to have found a diamond in the rough.

Dear Alex,

This is a friendship where the power of fate brought us together. I had never once used Bumble BFF to meetup with friends in the area and the one girl I decided to meet up with ended up leading me to you. We both met right before a Chelsea Cutler concert in Nashville and I had no idea at the time that you would become such a dear friend to me. We clicked right away and I knew that you were going to be one of those people that would stay in my life. You are bubbly, smart, loving, beautiful, stylish, confident, and always know how to stand up for yourself. You have a little bit of sass to you but thats what makes me love you even more! I can be too sweet and I need someone to balance that out so thank goodness I have you! Even though you have moved away to Arizona and are killing it in vet school, I am lucky to see you when I see you. We always pick up right where we left off and always hit our favorite trivia spot. We also enjoy a good frozen Margherita here and there too. You have been a constant support in my life even amidst your busy schedule and I am forever thankful for that. We will always share one of the greatest trips of a lifetime in Arizona where we went 4-wheeling, kayaking, dancing, and getting caught in a police car to name a few. I can't help but look back and smile at our memories.

Dear Jacob,

Boy where do I start? I have to thank my business fraternity for giving me this friendship again. The first time you met me I was a wreck. I was barely eating and having a hard time because I was going through a breakup. I remember you being so concerned that I wasn't eating enough and I was surprised at how genuine you were with me when I first met you. Since then, our friendship has only grown stronger. From telling you the latest tea about my life, to hearing the latest tea about yours, there is always something to talk about with you! You are witty, sassy, soft- hearted, strong, smart, and compassionate. No matter the distance we always make time for each-other with our weekly Jacob and Jenn chats. You give me advice and aren't afraid to speak your truth even if it might hurt my feelings. True friends aren't afraid to be real with you and you always do it out of care for me. Many people are afraid to be that real and that is something I really admire about our friendship. We are vulnerable with each-other and have always wanted to see the other happy. Through the crazy roller coasters of life, we have shared some awesome memories like our road trip to Columbia, the beach trip in Alabama, Vol football games, going on eating frenzies in Charlotte, and having our favorite coffee talk at the Good Cup before you leave Nashville. Always stay true to yourself and never stop showing me the latest Netflix shows to watch!

Dear Biz,

Thank you for being my roomie and always sharing your love of God with me. Your love of your Catholic faith inspires me to dig deeper into mine and grow closer to God. You have seen many of my ups and downs since living with me but you always remind me that I have my faith. You always invite me to outings and make me feel apart of everything that you do. From treadmill talks, pizza nights, playing in the snow, dance parties, cooking meals, sharing our feels, and much much more, we have grown a lot together since you have lived in Nashville. Never stop being a light and being you. You are quirky and authentically yourself. You don't let yourself fall trap to the pressure of changing for someone else and I love that about you. Keep on doing your Spongebob impressions and making people laugh. We need more people with your charisma for life. God works in mysterious ways and there is no doubt we met for a reason. You also have hair goals and wish my hair grew as fast as yours.

I really do have the best people in my life. These are some of the people that have impacted my life for the better and left a positive imprint on my heart. They are my real life miracles!

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