5 Things You Need To Do Now That Trump Is President Elect

On Wednesday morning, the Electoral College projected that Donald Trump would win the Presidential Election when they place their official votes on December 19. I have spent the past four days in shock. I got sick from the little amount of sleep I was getting. I've cried more than I've smiled. My friends and I are walking around in fear of a world we didn't vote for, and everything is terrifying. Now, a lot of people are saying that we, the millennial generation that overwhelmingly voted for Hillary, need to stop crying. Well, I'm not going to stop crying, mostly because my basic human rights are being threatened, but I am going to take steps to make sure those rights aren't taken away. So, here are five things we all NEED to do right now, especially if you voted for Hillary in a red state or

1. Sign this petition and find your state's electors.

The Electoral College was created because our founding fathers knew that the average country farmer wasn't informed enough to vote in an election. However, over 200 years later, we all have the internet and we're all pretty informed as to what is happening in our government right now, or, at least, we have the ability to be informed. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by over 200,000 votes, and yet she lost because an electoral vote in Wyoming is over 3 times more impactful than a vote in California because of the population to electoral votes ratio. This isn't right. So sign the petition, get in contact with your electors, and make a difference. If we don't change it for this election then we'll change it for the next one, but let's make a difference.

2. Call your local congress-person and tell them the issues they need to fight for.

Trump won Wisconsin by 20,000 votes but over 300,000 voters were turned away due not having ID's that were previously not required. Mike Pence believes in conversion therapy. Solar power would literally cut power bills so much as well as lessen greenhouse gasses, and yet they are barely a presence in our energy systems. My governor one time shut down a bridge. There are issues that we have with our government, and it's time to stop just sitting here hoping they'll address our issues. Let's flood their phone banks and make them listen to us. Our government is supposed to represent us, but they can only do this if they know what we want.

3. March for your rights.

If you want something done, show your support. Find something you're passionate about, and if there is a march, go join it! Peaceful protests show unity, and they also are full of people who share your thoughts and opinions and offer support. There have been a lot of protests lately, and while some of them have been violent, many have been shows of support and solidarity. If you feel that passion, please join in. They always need you.

4. Lobby and canvas and make your mark.

This spring, I'll be traveling to Washington, D.C. to lobby for Parkinson's Research funds through the Michael J. Fox Foundation. If you have a cause that is important to you, go to Congress petition them. Go around and inform other people of your causes. Make people listen. You need to get your voice heard, and you need to make a difference. If the above options aren't working, then you need to get out there and make them hear you.

5. Lean on your friends and take time to mourn.

Look, it's okay to be shaken. This has never happened before in our lifetime. There is a lot of turmoil happening in our country right now, and it's alright to be scared. Take as much time as you need, and when you're ready, start fighting back. We are the generation that voted overwhelmingly for Hillary, the generation that felt the Bern, and the generation that will stop hate. So hug it out, be with your friends, take time for yourself. Just remember that at the end of the day, we need to fight back, and we cannot let hatred win. I'm counting on you.

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