Disney Freaks Guide: How To Get Into The Disney College Program!

Disney Freaks Guide: How To Get Into The Disney College Program!

Hey Guys! I am a Disney College Program Alumni and hopefully will be returning real soon! Fingers crossed! As applications for next spring have already started and soon applications for next fall will drop soon I figured it would be a good time to start thinking of sure-fire ways that will get you into the College Program.

Disney Freaks Guide: How To Get Into The Disney College Program!

Before we talk about how to get into the Disney College Program you definitely need to know what the heck it is so here is a link: The Disney College Program: What It Is And How To Apply

Then if you want sappier Disney related articles here are two really sappy articles about my personal Disney journey:

I Am Leaving Home And Officially Moving To Disneyland

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Decisions Decisions!


First things first when applying you really should have a preference for the following things: where you want to actually do your program, when you want to do your program and for how long your program should be, and which role you would prefer.

Why? Well once we get to application time you shouldn't just click everything willy nilly and not have an idea for what you are applying for. Disney likes people who know what they are getting into and who have researched the positions.

For example, applying for a character attendant position but only applying to the Disneyland program will guarantee you do not get in. Why? They do not offer that position in Disneyland only in Disney World and you also have to go to auditions in order to get that role. Another reason to know when you are applying is that some programs are longer than others. Some programs are two months some are six or longer. It just depends on the location and time of year. If you have school and you can only go one semester then it may not be best to do a summer program in some places or to do a fall program in Disneyland if you can't be there for six months. Like with any job know what you are getting into. Just because it is the dream place doesn't mean you can just wing it.

Perfecting That Resume!


You should have a resume!

If you don't have one make one!

Take some time and make sure it is original and creative. Disney will end up seeing over 50,000 applications and you want your resume to stand out! Side note: Disneyland takes 500 applicants and Disney World takes 5,000 so bear in mind there is a lot of applicants applying and a lot of people getting turned away. You want to make sure you are not turned away so anything you can put on paper to make yourself be seen needs to be put on there.

Here are a few things that will help

1. Buzz Words:

When applying for the college program they use buzz words about the description for the program and what they want from applicants. By putting in just a few of those words it is more likely that their algorithm for sorting through resumes will pick up your resume. Increasing your chances of making it to the next round.

2. Important Work History To Least

Now I think that it is easier to organize your work history this way so it makes it seem like you are most suited to the role you already have in mind. If you want food service be sure to include those positions first and then other positions. Same with other roles. If you want an attractions role but have no attractions experience putting in activities or volunteer acts that had you in front of guest or audiences and have you leading people will help set you apart.

3. Creativity!

It's Disney after all! Put on a show even on paper! It is important.

Application - Flawless


Fill out that application with confidence and pride and quickly! The sooner you apply the more likely you will be seen!

Do not bring dishonor on you or your cow! Be sure to check it through twice before you send it in just in case there are any misspellings or incorrect information. That would guarantee you not to be accepted if you spelled your name wrong or wrote down the wrong names for employers. So just fill every piece out to the best of your ability and check it twice. It's better to be over-zealous than under. If you don't feel you have enough add a cover letter. Disney loves cover letters especially one that tells a story, after all we're in the story telling business.

The Interactive Questionnaire - Aka Personality Quiz


More than likely you will receive the next step after that. You have two days to complete the interactive questionnaire. This is not an interview. I recall freaking out thinking it was. It is not. It is a standard personality quiz. But do not take it lightly. This is in place to make sure that applicants are paying attention and still taking the quiz seriously. If you click through the quiz saying that you are honest and then state you are known to lie it shows that either you were not paying attention or that you are unreliable. While it is an annoying part it needs to get done and doing it sooner rather than later makes it more likely you'll get to the next step.

Phone Interview Time!


WOO! You make it to the ultimate test. How are you on the phone and can you hold your own in an interview?

You can read a number of articles about questions they will ask every phone interview is always a little different. I remember my interviewer asked me five questions.

1. Can you think of a time where you had to deal with a difficult guest and how did you affect that outcome? How did it end up?

2. What does Disney mean to you?

3. Do you have a preference in which program you would like to attend?

4. Roles you are interested in and what experience have you had that will prepare you for these roles?

5. Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Size, position, and what are they?

Then you have the opportunity to ask your interviewer questions about them. Here is an idea:

- What is your Disney story or what does your journey with Disney look like?

- people love talking about themselves and Disney people love sharing their experience so asking not only gives you a good idea of what your future with the company but shows how personal you are and good at making connections.

Waiting Games


Sorry to break it to you but for most people you will have to wait around a bit to find out whether or not you blew it or if you rocked it. I only waited a week before finding out post my phone interview. A friend of mine who did the program waiting two days before finding out that he made it. While a majority waited for a month or multiple months. On the pages I remember a month prior to my program started some people finally hearing back. So the process can be super short or super lengthy just put on you emotional support floats and get ready to take a dip in the waiting pool.

Email From The Disney Gods


Then after what may be forever or may feel like the first time in forever you receive the most amazing email.

A Congratulations in the subject and proudly displayed on the header of the email you know you've made it. You are so excited you barely even read anything past you've been accepted.

But wait....there is more to do than celebrate.

Pay Your Dues


It wouldn't be Disney without them making some kind of money from an amazing program like this one. So there is a dollar amount attached with accepting your position and a bunch of paperwork that needs to be completed within forty-eight hours of receiving your email. FOURTY-EIGHT hours. Or they will move on and give your spot to the next person on their list. Make sure to be hawking your email because you don't want to be the person who got in but didn't see the life changing email and got passed up because of that.

You're In Kid!


After that get ready my friends. You are about to be one of the few individuals who will experience Disney from behind the scenes. For me this experience was completely life-changing. I learned so much about the company I've admired since childhood, the person I am, and my goals for the future. I am a much happier person which is a direct correlation to working in the happiest place on Earth. Plus, the friends I made on my program are some of the most interesting humans on the planet who all seem to have this amazing thing in common that most people just don't understand. So enjoy it while it lasts or stay on and have the party last a little longer. It is a time you won't forget!

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