So as September of last year I was accepted into the Disney College Program. As I started to tell people I realized not many know what it is but once they know they wish they could have applied so here is all you need to know about the program and how to apply.

What Is The Disney College Program?

The Magic!

Basically, The Disney College Program is a paid internship with the company in which you can work in the parks. Where you can be cast in a number of different roles and work in that role for four-seven months or if you choose to stay and extend you can. While you are there working you can also take advantage of the amazing opportunities that Disney provides for CPs or College Participants. Education offerings on a number of different topics including guest services, hospitality, Disney company secrets and many more events that are a once in a lifetime experience.

How Do You Apply?

You Applying For The Program

Disney College Program - Disney Careers

By clicking on the link it should take you to a page that has loads more information about the program and also lets you apply. There are about four application periods in a year and sometimes you are able to apply for summer but usually if you have done the program before you can do the summer alumni program. There are Fall or Spring terms and depending on which term you get in on there will be a short four-month internship or the extended program which is what I am currently involved in and it is about seven months.

Why Would You Want To Join In On The Magic?

So I have been on my program for a little over two weeks and the time that I have spent here I wouldn't trade for anything. I have met some amazing Disney loving, goal oriented, and fun thriving people. I have gone to the park more times than I probably ever would have in my life. I have spent more time going and doing fun things. I have met a few guests and seen a few magical moments already. I am apart of the magic that I experienced as a child. While my role may not be as interactive as most I have found my own way. My favorite part of the work part is walking out on stage with a smile on my face. It is simple, any cast member can do it, but to me, I feel it makes a difference for the guests.

If you have loved Disney the way I have since you were a child this program is for you. If you just want to work for Disney eventually this program offers you the ability to get into the company and start climbing the ladder to get to where you want to eventually. If you are not really sure what you want to be when you grow up, this program is for you. I feel like the awkward girl who started writing has burst forth from her shell in this program. In fact, my roommate asked how I am awkward. As though it was an insane idea that I could be an awkward little potato person would be inconceivable. This program will push you, work you, encourage you, and will teach you. So if you are up for creating a little magic, join in on the fun and apply.

A Little Love From Mickey Mouse On Your Disney Journey