25 Nostalgic Things From The 2000s
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25 Things Kids From the 2000s Will Be Nostalgic About

The highlights of your childhood.

Two teenage girls smiling

The 2000s were a time that many young adults today can look back on, joyfully reminisce and somewhat cringe at the trends and the fads that we all used to love and adore. Here's a list of things from the golden 2000s that will have one feeling nostalgic about all of those times.

1. Wonderballs

Chocolate wonderball with surprise inside

One of the best candies that always seemed to catch your eyes at grocery store checkouts, leaving you begging your parents to get one.

2. iPod Nanos

Five different colores ipod nanos

The coolest and most colorful way to download your favorite boy bands and Hannah Montana jams.

3. Heelys

A paid of black and purple heelys

This magical shoe that made it fun to run errands with your parents.

4. Dance Dance Revolution.

Dance revolution dance mats

The game that made the ultimate slumber party.

5. Silly Bandz

Hand and arm wearing lots of silly bandz

The more you had, the cooler you were.

6. "I love boobies" bracelets

Stack of multi-colored plastic bracelets

The breast cancer bracelets that caused quite the controversy in middle schools.

7. Crimped hair

Teenage girl with crimped hair

Because why wouldn't you want your hair to look as stylish as Lizzy McGuire's?

8. The "Muffins" or "Shoes" Youtube videos.

Person in kitchen holding a tray of baked muffins

So stupid yet so funny.

9. Club penguin

Club Penguin logo

You had the best pet puffles.

10. Skip Its.

Young girl playing Skip Its

Every garage had one.

11. Bratz Dolls and Polly Pockets.

Bratz Doll and Polly Pocket with clothes and accessories

What's better than oversized eyes and rubber clothing?

12. Baby Bottle Pops

Four Baby Bottle Pops

Everyone's favorite cavity-causing candy.

13. Myspace

MySpace website homepage

Where you lied about your age to get on and frequently rearranged your "top friends" lists accordingly.

14. Abercrombie models

Two male Abercrombie models

Pictures like these were hanging in your room or your Razor phone background if you are a girl, and your inspiration if you were a boy.

15. Ferby

Blue Ferby

That creepy animal thing that everyone seemed to love.

16. Nerf guns

Two orange  Nerf guns

17. Game Cube

Purple Game Cube

Where you played Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers, and more.

18. Slip 'N' Slides

Children playing on Slip 'N' Slide in the garden

The most fun you've ever had took place on one of these things.

19. Easy Bake Ovens

. Girl holding tray of sweet treats with easy bake over

Where real baking did not take place.

20. Dunkaroos

Pack of open Dunkaroos

The sugary snack that fit perfectly in your lunch bag.

21. Nintendo DS

Silver Nintendo DS

The life changing device you probably used to play Nintendogs.

22. Drake & Josh

Drake & Josh

You strived to be as cool as them.

23. Play-Doh

Stack of Play-Doh

A parent's worst clean-up nightmare.

24. The Sims 2

The Sims 2

A legendary computer game.

25. Razor scooter

Silver and blue Razor scooter

There was no cooler way to get around.

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