My world came crashing down on April 4th, 2014. You had been battling with cancer for so long, but our Father finally called you home where you belong. I still remember that day like it was yesterday. Losing you was like losing a piece of myself. You were the light of my life! My best friend! From the moment I arrived in this world, it was always you and me, along with Nana of course! Some of my fondest memories are those that had you in it, from our adventures over the summer to Pigeon Forge or our Sundays spent watching NASCAR and eating an entire bag of Cheetos! I always looked up to you and was so amazed by everything you did. Nothing you could do was ever wrong in my eyes!

I want to thank you for always being there for me from the moment I was born. Without even being my own flesh and blood you treated me as if I was. You cared for me when I was sick, watched over me as a baby while I was fighting every day to stay alive and make it to the next! Thank you for being the glue that our family needed! For being the man that would always show up no matter the job at hand!

I never realized or came to the idea that you are truly the reason my dad is the man he is today. You stepped up to the plate and taught him so much! You taught him what it meant to be a father and how to provide and care for his children. I know when you left us, dad took it extremely hard like the rest of us, but your passing changed something in him. He became a stronger man and a better father.

In my eyes growing up, I wanted my Prince Charming to be just like you! Now I am happy to say that I see that in my dad as well, and that is all because of you! You were the kindest and most loving man I know and always treated others equally! You were the love of Nana's life, the love the two of you shared was straight out of a fairytale book! Thank you for showing me how a man should treat his family, children, and wife! For showing me what it means to love another with your whole heart!

I hope to pass on the knowledge, wisdom, and love that you have shown and taught me to my future kids and grandchildren! Thank you Pawpaw for being the godly man you were and the truest kind spirit I could ever know. I hope Heaven is everything we ever dreamed it could be and I can not wait till the day we get to be reunited!

I was never able to thank you in person, but I hope this reaches you in Heaven! I love you so much and I beyond honored and grateful that God gave me you!

Love, your forever chocolate milk drinking, Cheeto eating Princess!