A Thank You Letter To My Someone Special
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A Thank You Letter To My Someone Special

Because of you, I have learned to see the good in people, and more importantly, to see the best within myself.

A Thank You Letter To My Someone Special
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Dear you,

I could say thank you a million times over and it still would not be enough to show you how appreciative I am of you. No letter could encompass the love I have for you, and no words could describe the way I feel when I'm with you. Words on a screen are simply just words, but my hope is that these words give you some idea as to the hold you have on my heart.

First off, thank you for simplicity. My mind is constantly cluttered and my thoughts move like the speed of light. I talk fast, I think fast, and sometimes I move through life a little too fast. You help me slow down. With you, all the stress and all the migraines are transparent. I am numb to them now. Speaking of migraines... Thank you for your care. Thanks for always asking me if I need anything when I'm not feeling well, and thanks for helping me through the worst of the worst. Whenever I'm feeling down, you make it your mission to cheer me up, and yeah, you usually succeed. I think everyone should have someone like that in their life because your support is simply a light in the darkness of my universe.

Thank you for all the laughs. You are truly the funniest person I know. Never once have I faked a laugh in front of you, because your humor is more than just one thing; sometimes it's awkward, sometimes your jokes are just plain awful, but they are always genuine and always laughable. I have this theory; you always say you love when I laugh, and when I smile, so I think you use your humor as a tool... but hey, I'm not complaining.

Thank you for the future. Considering my mind moves so fast, I imagine it would be difficult to keep up with me sometimes. Let's just say hypothetical situations are more apparent in my life than they should be, but when I talk about the future, you do not shut me down or seem displeased with it. Instead, you go along with it. I cannot wait for my future, because I know it will have you in it.

And lastly, thank you for being you. Because of you, I have learned to see the good in people, and more importantly, to see the best within myself. I used the word 'genuine' to describe your humor, however I can also use it to describe you. I have never met anyone as kind, sociable, and honest as you. With you, happiness is simple, and it doesn't seem so difficult to achieve. I love who you are and I know I am so lucky to have you in my life. So thank you... for everything.

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