100 Things I Would Rather Do Than Vote For Trump

100 Things I Would Rather Do Than Vote For Trump

Because all the articles seem to be against Hilary and I think we need someone's voice on the other side

In reply of 100 Things I would rather do than vote for Hilary Clinton and all the other Odyssey articles shaming her, here are 100 things I would rather do than vote for Trump.

1. Bathe in Vinegar

2. Wash my face with Alcohol

3. Pay tuition at Trump's Fake University

4. Chug expired milk

5. Go rock climbing on Trump Tower

6. Get a permanent tattoo of Obama on my forehead

7. Give away my car for free

8. Eat a bucket of live worms

9. Soak my entire wardrobe in gasoline and light it on fire

10. See Trump put in jail for his numerous sexual harassment charges

11. Have a male gynecologist

12. Pay all the taxes Donald Trump owes

13. Eat a bucket of dirt

14. Not vote in elections ever again

15. Drive a school bus through my house

16. Permanently dye my hair green

17. Educate people on why Trump and Pence are the worst pair in the history of presidential elections ever

18. Win a million dollars and then dump it in the middle of the ocean

19. Never drink coffee again

20. Pay 5.00/gal for gas for all of eternity

21. Become a nun

22. Name my first born child Shithead

23. Let Wells Fargo just take all my money (oh wait they already do that)

24. Live in a house full of cats (I'm allergic )

25. Only listen to one song for the rest of my life

26. Never get cast in a show ever again

27. Drink moonshine made by a stranger

28. Work for free for the rest of my life

29. Gorilla glue all my fingers and toes together

30. Much like Hilary Clinton, take the high rode and name 70 more positive things that I would rather do than vote for Trump: So. Here are 70 positive things we could do instead of voting for Trump.

31. End world hunger

32. Have actual equal rights among all people, races, and genders.

33. Pay my taxes the correct way.

34. Help fight for a better (and cheaper) education system for future generations

35. Have a beautiful wedding

36. Not have to live in fear that our president is going to start a nuclear war

37. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter

38. Exercise on a daily basis

39. Enjoy the company of the people I love

40. Plant trees and help protect our natural resources and endangered species

41. Fight against and spread awareness about sexual harassment

42. Eat ice cream

43. Work with underprivileged children

44. Bring more of the arts into public school systems

45. Have healthy and happy children

46. Learn to play the piano better

47. Speak out against racism and sexism and people who condone it, such as Trump.

48. Watch a live comedy show

49. Make other people laugh

50. Be in a million plays and musicals

51. Save someone's life, or a few lives

52. Make a new friend

53. Exercise my right to vote without being criticized and insulted by people who don't even care enough about politics to do their research on a candidate

54. Support the LGBTQ+ community and completely erase the very idea of Gay conversion therapy

55. Eat healthier

56. Try something I've never done before

57. Travel out of the country

58. Join the Peace Corps

59. Have a professional acting and/or directing career

60. Meet Obama

61. Meet Lin-Manuel Miranda

62. Host Saturday Night Live or maybe just even see it live

63. Live in New York City

64. Make a point to recycle more and pick up litter

65. Perform for millions of people

66. Eat my favorite food at least once a month

67. Bring clean drinking water to countries who don't have it

68. Have an educational conversation with people about all possible presidential candidates and the factual difference between all of them.

69. Vote in every election because it's important and make sure I never compromise my morals for the candidate I'm voting for.

70. Do some yoga on the beach

71. Own a house

72. Own a boat

73. Own a car with no payments

74. Start a savings account for my future children

75. Have a spa day

76. Travel across the United States and visit every single state

77. Buy a new wardrobe (since I burned my other one)

78. Drink a lot more water on a daily basis

79. Throw a party

80. Attend a Super Bowl

81. Publish a book

82. Go to grad school for my master's degree

83. Meet Neil Patrick Harris

84. Visit a National Park

85. Sleep under the stars

86. Be a peaceful advocate for minority rights

87. Eat a pizza

88. Win the lottery and donate it to charity

89. Have a Friends or How I Met Your Mother marathon

90. Go to a karaoke bar

91. Adopt puppies from a shelter

92. Become a wedding planner

93. Write a song

94. Attend a music festival

95. Teach at a high school or university

96. Go to Disney World during Christmas time

97. Always fight and speak out against hateful speech and action

98. Vote for a candidate who most identifies with my morals and the best for humanity as a whole

99. Vote third Party

100. Vote for Hilary Clinton

You can vote for whoever you want. But that doesn't mean you can justify everything he's said and done. You can't honestly say Hilary belongs in jail without agreeing that Trump does too. Don't pick and choose when it comes to who's lives and rights matter.....because it's supposed to be all lives...right?

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A New Refugee Crisis Is Brewing, And It Will Start In South Africa

White South African farmers are to be forced off their land by the government.

A lot has been going on in South Africa recently. You may not have heard of any of it though, as the countries issues are apparently not much of a concern for American media. What I am talking about is the planned, legal, massive expropriation of farmlands owned by white South Africans.

The action has been officially sanctioned by South Africa’s new president, Cyril Ramaphosa. The reasoning for the action lies in the history of the nation itself. White settlers first arrived in the southernmost country in Africa in the 1650’s. After achieving freedom from Britain and official nationhood, a Jim Crow-esque system of racial inequality was established to ensure white-minority dominance over the region. Apartheid, as it was called, ended in 1994 and a black-majority rule was established under the African National Congress party. As such, most of the productive farmland still lay in the hands of old white South African families.

The new president intends to rectify this in a reckless move. All white farmland is slated to be taken by the state and redistributed to black families. This will most likely devastate the country’s economy and severely hurt their chances of staving off the wide-scale droughts that are on their way. One only needs to look to Zimbabwe for proof of these undesirable outcomes. That country’s government tried the same policies against their white farmers years ago. After failed crops, poor management, and major losses for the economy the new government their recently invited all former white farmers to return to their homes. I don’t understand how South Africa cannot learn from Zimbabwe’s mistake.

I understand the reasoning behind it. Centuries under a colonial yoke would make anyone hate their former oppressors. That is the key word, however, former. The current white population of South Africa was born into a system, just like every other human. They live their lives out objectively within that system. Violence does not recompense violence, and the move will surely lead to violence. Ever since the end of apartheid black-on-white violence has steadily increased anyway, with many attacks occurring on farms. Some estimates now put the toll at more than one white South African murdered per week.

If this plan is followed through with, the world will be faced with yet another massive refugee crisis. Tens of thousands will be displaced, and many thousands more will most likely seek refugee status to escape from the prejudice and hatred that they now face in their own country. Thankfully, Australia has a plan in the works to implement a fast-track visa program for displaced South Africans.

Regardless of race, religion, history, whatever, all people deserve to have the rights to pursue happiness and live in peace. This situation is no different.

Cover Image Credit: pixabay.com

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Why I Support Walkouts for Gun Control

Our lives are more important.

On Thursday March 15, students from high schools and colleges nationwide arranged a walkout in protest of the lack of stricter gun regulations. I participated in at my school because I believe that we need to enact more stringent gun regulations because our current policies are failing. There should not be this many mass shootings, and children should not be dying from gun violence. In the United States, we have had more mass shooters than any other country. Thoughts and prayers for the victims are not going to make that number go down; policy changes will. I support students walking out of their classrooms because they realize that their lives and their education are more important than someone’s second amendment rights.

Whenever the gun control debate comes up after a mass shooting, we are always told not to get political and that we should only offer thoughts and prayers as a sign of respect for the victims. No, policy changes that make it harder for anyone to obtain a gun in the United States is the ultimate sign of respect for the victims. Policy changes show that we respect the victims enough that we do not want to create more. I think the most tragic shootings are the ones that happen at schools such as Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Stoneman Douglas because these children were at school to get an education and their lives were cut short. We have our priorities backward because we should value a child’s education and life above the ability to easily get a gun. Arming teachers is not the solution because it only creates an environment where students feel unsafe and the teachers may not be able to handle the responsibility of carrying a gun. When your second amendment rights start to interfere with an individual’s right to life we must do something.

Gun control needs to happen, and gun control measures have been useful in countries such as Japan and Australia. Additionally, we need to start changing our mindset about what it means to be an American citizen and what it means to be a man in American society. In our country, guns are tied to being a proud American. However, this cultural mindset has become toxic because we ignore those who lost their lives in mass shootings. We need to stop equating caring about the lives of others with being a bad American. You are an evil American if you choose to ignore how exercising the second amendment affects other people. Our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution in 1789, and our world has changed drastically since then. Since our world has changed drastically, we need to start viewing owning a gun as a privilege, not a right because we have normalized gun violence for too long.

I am glad to see students walk out of their classrooms and stand up not only for their rights but also stand up for what they believe. To those administrators who attempted to prevent students from doing so, shame on you because your students have the right to peaceful protest. Do not stop them from doing so because you disagree with their political beliefs, instead encourage them to protest because they need to be able to advocate for themselves throughout their lives.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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