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    I'm a 20-something from south central Kentucky. I'm a long-hair, which goes well with my maverick personality. I'm a nice guy without the boredom and a bad boy without the aggression.

    My interests include music, movies, reading, writing, libertarianism, BDSM, walking, talking, singing, dancing, and other stuff that I like. I write about economics, politics,history, law, music, movies and television, NCAA sports, and BDSM. I do so with articles, essays, poetry, prose, short stories, and song lyrics.

    I upset people with my views. I'm a libertarian politically who believes government is illegitimate, but it's realistic to reduce it. I'm an agnostic spiritually, since I don't know if there is or isn't a supreme being, but walk in an Episcopal tradition. I'm accepting of other peoples' beliefs.

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