10 Reasons Why Good Soup Is Every College Kid's Best Friend

10 Reasons Why Good Soup Is Every College Kid's Best Friend

It's literally always there in your time of need.


Living in a dorm, it can be a little tricky to find meals that are easy to make and actually taste alright. But fear not, because I've found the answer to this problem: soup.

1. It's warm.

Especially around this time of year, warm foods are a must. And soup is not only warm, it makes you feel warm on the inside.

2. It's filling.

Sometimes it takes a lot of food from the dining hall to fill me up, but one bowl of soup does the job super quick. And it's not an uncomfortable, bloated kind of full, either. Just a completely satisfactory one.

3. It's easy to make.

Seriously I can't think of anything easier to make than soup. In most cases you just put it in a bowl or mug and microwave it until it's hot and ready to eat. It's literally the EASIEST preparation!

4. It's easy to store. 

Soup, for the most part, comes in cans. Not all college students have fridges to store things in, but most soup doesn't have to be refrigerated, so no problem!

5. It doesn't create a lot of unnecessary dishes.

Sometimes cooking can seem like a hassle because of all of the dishes you have to do afterwards, but like I said with the easy preparation, soup also leaves little to no cleanup.

6. There's so many different kinds.

You can't ever really get bored of soup, because there's so many different kinds to choose from! You could get a different soup every day for at least a week!

7. It's super cheap!

Some brands of soup sell cans for less than a dollar each, which makes it a really cheap meal for the person on the college kid budget.

8. You're never not in the mood for soup. 

Seriously, soup is always the answer.

9. And if you seriously aren't, you forget that the second it hits your tongue

Once you start ingesting it, your body remembers why you love soup so much.

10. It always hits the spot

Soup is pretty much food for the soul.

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Chuck E. Cheese's Is Under Fire For Their Recycled Pizza And Here's The Tea

I do, however, remember throwing up a few days later and I'm also sure my brother was sick as well. It was obviously some form of food poisoning.


Man, do I remember going to Chuck E. Cheese's (CEC) on the weekends. When I was growing up, all the kids would have their parties at CEC. I don't even think it's because we genuinely liked Chucky (the rat), but rather because we liked the last party we went to so we wanted to do the same. Here's what I remember from CEC; we'd walk in and there'd be a giant play structure to one side, a pizza bar, an arcade, and then the party area where each party had its own tables. There'd be a huge stage with the animatronic robots.

Honestly, those were creepy then and they still are to this day. My brother actually had one of his birthday parties at CEC once. We ordered the pizza, cut cake, played games, etc. I do, however, remember throwing up a few days later and I'm also sure my brother was sick as well. It was obviously some form of food poisoning and my mother claimed it was his Batman cake because there was "so much dye on it." I believed that then, until a few weeks ago when the CEC Pizza conspiracy theory started going around.

And I'm 100% sure. The pizza was definitely recycled.

For those of you who are confused, just hold tight. I'll explain. CEC is under fire right now because YouTuber Shane Dawson recently made a documentary on it because he claimed the pizzas were "recycled." If you've been to a CEC and ordered pizza, you probably know what that means. Or if you don't remember, here's the gist. Search up "Chuck E. Cheese pizza" on Google right now. Look at any picture. None of the pieces line up, do they? Some slices are bigger than others, with the difference being too drastic to ignore. The pepperoni probably doesn't line up on some of the pieces either. And here's the theory.

Let's say there's a party and there are two slices of leftover pizza. The theory is, the worker will take those slices to the backroom, and use them to make another pizza for another order. The zombie pizza is then reheated and served. Quite disgusting, huh? It explains a lot about the pizzas. Now does this mean all branches follow this? Not at all. Many ex-employees and current workers have come forward to say they don't ever do this.

However, some workers have also said it varies per branch and some of their managers use that practice to "save money and resources." This sounds like an FDA violation. Why don't all branches follow the same protocol? It's terrifying and sickening. Now me and my brother being sick could have actually been because of the cake but it could have also been because of the pizza.

Several people have claimed they've gotten sick after eating at CEC and I don't see why they wouldn't be. As a whole, CEC is pretty suspect. I mean think about it, don't you think it's a little weird taking your kids to a rat themed pizza place/arcade? I'm not just saying that because I live in the NJ/NY area, I think it's legitimately weird that a rat is the face of a pizza place. It promotes gambling. When I was a kid, we'd use tokens. Even if you lost, the game would give you a ticket and you'd use that motivation to continue playing. You could end up with 300 tickets and only get a slinky or a cheap sticker. The "good" prizes would be worth 7,000 tickets. Trying to get 7,000 tickets meant numerous visits. Child gambling is disgusting. Parents have complained that the play structures are never cleaned properly and that it's often very gross.

All I know is, Chuck E. Cheese has some serious explaining to do. And you'll never catch me taking my kids to CEC (if it still exists in the future).

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