10 Reasons You Should Date Grace
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10 Reasons You Should Date My Friend Grace

She is literally everything you could ask for and more.

10 Reasons You Should Date My Friend Grace
Hunter House

I was recently graced with the presence of knowing my friend Grace.

Once I was getting to know my new friend I discovered that she is an all around great person, but does not have a significant other.

So I have written this article about ten reasons why you should date Grace or help her find a man.

1. She Can Hem Pants

This is a skill that not many young women have now a days. She can take any type of pant and make them the length you have always dreamed of. Since she has this ability she is also able to hand sew and stitch any type of fabric for your fashion needs. It is important to find a woman who can hem pants especially through cuffing season .

2. She Owns A Rice Cooker

It's that simple. She owns a rice cooker. What more do you need.

3. Natural Beauty

She is an all around natural girl. She has natural hair and barely wears makeup, but still somehow looks absolutely gorgeous. She also has a very bohemian look that goes along with her natural appearance.

4. Great Sense Of Humor

If you ever need a good laugh you can go straight to Grace. I have found myself crying laughing when around her and we have only known each other for a few weeks now.

5. Great Credit Score

She is not going to give out her private information, but just know that her credit score is better than yours. Period.

6. Anemic

You may not think that Anemia is a good thing, but since it lowers iron levels in the blood she is more likely to be cold. This means that she loves to cuddle. Hopefully you can be the next lover in her life so you can warm her up.

7. Fantastic Legs

OH SHOOT GORL. You have never experienced such amazing legs in your life. If your a boy who loves thicc thighs then Grace is the one for you.

8. Thrifty

She loves to shop at Goodwill which means she won't spend all of your money. She is a penny pincher and likes to always find a way to save a dollar. So mabye try and take her on a date to Taco Bell and then she can make you some rice after.

9. Her Feet Are Always Clean

Nobody, and I repeat, NOBODY likes a stinky individual. Even if personal hygiene isn't on the top of your list you need to make sure that you find a woman that cares about her outer appearance. You will be able to go out with her in a public environment and not worry about her feet being crusty.

10. Let's Face it she is Adorable

Grace is so much more than this list and I wish I could write about her forever and ever, but I must leave you hanging so you can go DM her @gracingthegram and find out if she is the right woman for you.

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