10 Reasons You Should Date A Photographer
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10 Reasons You Should Date A Photographer

Want an adventure? Date a photographer.

10 Reasons You Should Date A Photographer

You shouldn’t be picky when you’re dating, but if you’re trying to find someone to start a relationship with, here are some reasons why you should date a photographer. If you are a photographer or dating someone who is, you can relate to these.

1. They’re outgoing.

Other than being on their computer editing on Lightroom all day, or on Instagram updating their feed, they love going out and taking photos, and they love company so when they invite you for a day out, you’ll know you’ll be in for an adventure.

2. They love taking photos of you.

They don't have to say words to compliment you, they'll show it with when they ask you to pose for them when you're together. Lighting is key, so when you get a chance, find the light.

3. They have a different perspective in life.

They see life differently and they observe their surroundings wherever they go. They can find something plain and turn it into something beautiful.

4. They pay attention to details.

They remember things you told them ages ago, not just your dogs names, your favorite band or favorite songs, they remember what makes you happy, angry and sad.

5. They always find a way to make you smile.

Whether that’s making you laugh by singing horribly in car rides, or dancing in public, they’ll do anything just to see you smile.

6. They try really hard to impress you.

While having lunch or a casual conversation, they would teach you whatever they know to impress and amaze you.

7. They give you photography tips.

Whether you’re a photographer yourself or not, they are full of photography knowledge and constantly give you tips on shooting (photos). Don't be shy, ask them for advice, even if it's a dumb question, like what is ISO, f/stop, shutter speed, they love sharing and teaching you stuff they love, so no question is a dumb question.

8. The way they flirt.

Even if you’re shy, they love making you blush by taking pictures of you. In a crowd full of people, they only see you as their subject and they will do whatever it takes to get your attention.

9. They’re creative.

They are constantly inspired by their surroundings and have an artistic sense and a vivid and bold imagination. Like I said earlier, they see life differently.

10. They love making memories.

Not just with taking photos to document things, they take photos to remember things. Little moments, life, friends, family, they love being able to slow down, stop, and embrace the moment.

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