Remember that girl you see jogging every morning on your way to work? Or that guy that you always see breaking a sweat on the treadmill? What if I told you that those runners, as well as thousands of others you see so often, are more than likely great dating prospects? Stop looking around bars for other singles and tie up your sneakers, because runners are truly some of the best people you can be in a relationship with. Besides having an athletic physique and a passion that keeps us going, runners are fun loving, caring, and motivated people.

1. They know how to plan and stay organized.

Staying on a training schedule takes more determination, willpower and planning than most endeavors. Odds are, if a runner can dedicate themselves to training, they can devote themselves to you.

2. They know how to eat.

"I'll have a salad, appetizer, entree and a side please." When you're constantly burning calories, you're constantly craving to take them in. Taking a runner on a dinner date will be anything but boring. 95% of the time they'll have snacks in their bags for fuel.

3. They're low maintenance on fashion.

Most runners spend the majority of free time in their shorts, sneakers and running accessories. You'll feel no pressure to impress them with fashion; sweatpants will do.

4. They prioritize taking care of themselves, and will take care of you too.

Running is a sport that not only requires constant exercise, but 24/7 nutrition, hydration and well being. Runners prioritize their mental and physical health, and will want the same for you.

5. They'll challenge you to be better.

Being a runner means never being complacent. Each race has an implied goal to beat your time, run faster and harder. Runners thrive off of accomplishment, competition and achievement. Having that constant desire to be the best version of themselves will rub off on you too.

6. They're always down for a night in with Netflix.

Runners thrive off of relaxing nights for better training the next day. There is no need to impress them with big parties or crazy nights out, they're perfectly happy with a movie and 9 o'clock bed time.

7. Personal hygiene is a necessity.

When you're constantly sweating, you're constantly showering. Enough said.

8. They're always down for adventure and traveling.

When you dedicate yourself to running races, you also dedicate yourself to logging hundreds of miles in the car and all over the country. A runner is always down to pack their bags up and hit a new destination for the weekend.

9. They're tough as nails.

Two inches of snow? No problem. Sore from your 10-mile training run the day before? No big deal. Runners fight through tough weather conditions, physical pain, and mental barriers.

10. They take their stress out in healthy ways.

When a runner is having a bad, stressful day, instead of taking it out on you they'll more than likely hit the pavement. The idea of a "runners high" (a release of good emotions after running) is a biologically proven process.

11. They will support your goals and dreams.

The running community is undoubtedly one of the most supportive and caring groups there is. Whether you're crossing the finish line at as fast as Usain Bolt or at a snail's pace, there will always be hundreds of people around you cheering you on like you're #1. Runners support one another and push each other no matter their ability. As much as they priotize personal achievement and growth, they want to see you succeed too.