10 Reasons Why You Should Be Dating A Lumberjack

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Dating A Lumberjack

Understanding why lumberjacks are the best kind of boyfriends

Beard. Flannel. Axe. Possibly, a beanie or two. These are the ingredients to the perfect lumberjack. If your man doesn't have these materials, I'm sure he's still a great man, but you should try to convince him to acquire them anyway.

Dating a lumberjack is like dating happiness. If happiness was a man, he would have a flannel, a beard, strong arms and legs, (to lift with, of course), and skin that smelled of pine. I'm kind of dating happiness right now. You should be, too, and here's why.

1. Lumberjacks are mouthwatering, downright sexy, solid pieces of men. They are the gods on Earth that handle our trees, and for that we are thankful.

2. Lumberjacks always, always look good, no matter what they're wearing. Need to drag them to an elite social event? No worries. He can change into a tux and still look just as good as he does in his flannel.

3. They have beards. Beards can be incredibly soft or very rugged. Here's the thing: if you're bothered by kissing someone with a beard because the hair tickles or scratches your face, you suck it up and deal with it. You love that man's beard no matter WHAT.

Alternatively, if your lumberjack can't handle the maintenance of such a fine piece of facial hair, you could always get him one of these.

4. They have beautiful rustic cabins to whisk you away to. There they can make a serious of dreams come true for you. Perhaps he'll build you a fire using the fresh wood he chopped at dawn and the whiskey he doesn't drink. (Because the only time lumberjacks drink is when they're drinking in your beauty.)

5. There is a very strong chance that your lumberjack is from Canada, where they are very common. As we all know, Canadians are the nicest people on Earth, so you can count this as a double-win.

6. Lumberjacks will always defend you. They have sensitive souls, but when it comes to protecting their mate, they'll do it well. Their strong arms and booming voices come in very handy for intense situations. Not to mention, beards will automatically scare aware any unwanted males.

7. His beard will make him look incredibly wise. Beware, for many people will approach him in the streets and ask him for his wisdom. Do not let this get to you; his true wisdom is in his love for you.

8. Lumberjacks are witty and adorable.

9. Please refer to number 1.

10. There is no better man to love you than a lumberjack. So lumber on over to a group of trees, and pick the one that suits you the best. Some of them love books, some of them love to cook, and others really enjoy hunting, but what they'll do best is take care of you!

In closing, if none of these points have convinced you to date a lumberjack, this should:

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7 Low Calorie Snacks That Will Satisfy Your Craving For Junk Food

Kick the cravings while still sticking to your diet goals.

Spring has sprung, and that means one thing... it's almost bikini season. If you're like me, you are most likely trying to panic because that's awful soon and you don't feel quite ready for that much exposure! The hardest thing about dieting for a lot of people tends not only to eat better and smaller portions but to resist the urge to snack. What if I told you that you could snack on sweet treats and satisfy that salty craving while being guilt free? Yup, it is possible... with a bit of compromise of course.

1. Frozen bananas dipped in dark chocolate

Bananas are pretty tasty on their own, but with the addition of dark chocolate? Delicious. Just cut up a banana and warm up a pot of dark chocolate chips, then place that pot on top of another with boiling water. Take the cut up banana pieces, put a toothpick through them and dip them in the melted chocolate. After doing this, put the dipped fruit on to a cookie sheet covered in wax paper and place them in the freezer. Wait a few hours until they are cold, and there you have it!

2. Skinny Pop

We all know that chips are not the most ideal for someone who is on a diet, but how do you satisfy a salty craving? Skinny Pop is a great way to get around a chip temptation! Not only is it tasty, it is also low calorie for a decent size serving. So you can feel like you got a good portion without feeling guilty for eating an entire bowl...or two.

3. Halo Top

I don't know about you, but I am an ice cream fanatic. I love sweets, but ice cream is my vice. There are plenty of low-calorie ice creams out there, which is fantastic... until you try them. The majority of these ice creams are not too good in my opinion. Halo Top, on the other hand, takes the cake. Not only is it fewer calories than your typical pint of ice cream, it has a decent amount of protein in it for being ice cream and it doesn't taste like frozen skim milk with vanilla extract in it.

4. Caramel rice cakes

When you think of the words rice cakes it sounds incredibly bland, but when they are covered in caramel they taste just like caramel corn! They come in a little chip sized portions or even larger portions that will leave you feeling guilt-free and pretty pleased!

5. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches

These actually taste better than the real thing in my opinion. They look and taste like the real thing! They are definitely very impressive.

6. Veggie chips and hummus

If you love chips and dip but have sworn them off completely, then you are in luck. Veggie chips and hummus are a great tasting alternative to chips and dip. Hummus is pretty delicious and full of healthy fats while veggie chips are lower calorie versions of your favorite potato chip!

7. Special K Chocolate Delight

This sweet cereal gives you that sweet chocolate taste without you having to accidentally binge eat an entire box of Oreos. Not only does it taste good at breakfast, but it serves pretty well as a late night treat as well.

Don't worry people, there may only be a few more months until summer but with this list of tasty low-calorie snacks, you can be well on your way to your dream body in no time!

Cover Image Credit: @skinnycowus

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8 Reasons Why Rise'n Roll Is The Best Bakery In Northwest Indiana

The cinnamon caramel donut is the best! Period.

Rise'n roll is the best Amish bakery ever! Whether you're hungry for a donut, pie, or cookies, Rise'n Roll will always have your back and will have fresh donuts, pies, cookies, and pastries waiting for you.

1. The smell inside

Okay, honestly when you walk in Rise'n Roll, you get hit with the best smell in all bakery history. It’s a mixture of fresh hot coffee, fresh donuts, fresh pies, and fresh danishes.

2. The cinnamon caramel donut

Let’s just take a second and talk about the cinnamon caramel donut otherwise known as “Amish crack”. Now this donut literally melts in your mouth and before you know it you will already have eaten a half dozen of them. Remember not to breath in when taking a bite of this amazing donut or you will be choking on the cinnamon powder! The cinnamon caramel donut holes or donuts make any occasion better. Period.

3. The Bavarian Cream Donut

If you like Bavarian cream then this is the best thing on earth. Chocolate or caramel frosted with Bavarian cream in the middle is such a great balance. It’s rich in flavor and you will never go wrong with taking a couple home.

4. The workers

When you step foot in the door at Rise'n Roll someone always greets you with a smile. They are always making sure you are getting what you want and answering questions you might have. No matter if you're having a bad day or not they always seem to make your day so much better because they are the ones giving you the best donuts in all of Northwest Indiana!

5. The fresh pies

Okay really, fresh pies? You got me there. Their fresh pies are to die for. Apple, cherry, sour cream blueberry, pecan, peach, peanut butter cream pie and many others are waiting for someone to buy them and bring them to the next gathering. Adding a pie from Rise'n Roll to a birthday party or a family get together will make you the hero of the night!

6. The jam and jelly

Speaking of pie, why not talk about the amazing jellies and jams Rise'n Roll has to offer. Whether you need strawberry jam for your toast in the morning or blueberry jelly for your lunch Rise'n Roll will never disappoint. My personal favorite is the Christmas jam! This jam is made with strawberries and cranberries and is the perfect combination to get you in the Christmas spirit!

7. The Apple Fritters

Okay, the apple fritters are something to hype up! First of all, they are as big as my head and are just so amazing and flavorful! Rise'n Roll's apple fritters are covered in frosting and have a taste of cinnamon and apple which is a great combination overall!

8. The ice cream filled donuts

Summer is the perfect time to get an ice cream filled donut. The sweetness of the soft serve ice cream injected in a donut is the best thing invented! This donut can be a little messy but it is so worth it! Ice cream and donuts are great by themselves but when you add them together it makes it 100 times better.

Cover Image Credit: Rise 'n Roll

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