Beard. Flannel. Axe. Possibly, a beanie or two. These are the ingredients to the perfect lumberjack. If your man doesn't have these materials, I'm sure he's still a great man, but you should try to convince him to acquire them anyway.

Dating a lumberjack is like dating happiness. If happiness was a man, he would have a flannel, a beard, strong arms and legs, (to lift with, of course), and skin that smelled of pine. I'm kind of dating happiness right now. You should be, too, and here's why.

1. Lumberjacks are mouthwatering, downright sexy, solid pieces of men. They are the gods on Earth that handle our trees, and for that we are thankful.

2. Lumberjacks always, always look good, no matter what they're wearing. Need to drag them to an elite social event? No worries. He can change into a tux and still look just as good as he does in his flannel.

3. They have beards. Beards can be incredibly soft or very rugged. Here's the thing: if you're bothered by kissing someone with a beard because the hair tickles or scratches your face, you suck it up and deal with it. You love that man's beard no matter WHAT.

Alternatively, if your lumberjack can't handle the maintenance of such a fine piece of facial hair, you could always get him one of these.

4. They have beautiful rustic cabins to whisk you away to. There they can make a serious of dreams come true for you. Perhaps he'll build you a fire using the fresh wood he chopped at dawn and the whiskey he doesn't drink. (Because the only time lumberjacks drink is when they're drinking in your beauty.)

5. There is a very strong chance that your lumberjack is from Canada, where they are very common. As we all know, Canadians are the nicest people on Earth, so you can count this as a double-win.

6. Lumberjacks will always defend you. They have sensitive souls, but when it comes to protecting their mate, they'll do it well. Their strong arms and booming voices come in very handy for intense situations. Not to mention, beards will automatically scare aware any unwanted males.

7. His beard will make him look incredibly wise. Beware, for many people will approach him in the streets and ask him for his wisdom. Do not let this get to you; his true wisdom is in his love for you.

8. Lumberjacks are witty and adorable.

9. Please refer to number 1.

10. There is no better man to love you than a lumberjack. So lumber on over to a group of trees, and pick the one that suits you the best. Some of them love books, some of them love to cook, and others really enjoy hunting, but what they'll do best is take care of you!

In closing, if none of these points have convinced you to date a lumberjack, this should: