This article contains spoilers for "Grey's Anatomy"

"Grey's Anatomy" is back! Tell a friend!

Obviously, if you couldn't tell, "Grey's Anatomy" is back, and it is as drama-filled as ever.

Between the power outages and deaths (like any usual "Grey's Anatomy" episode), Meredith Grey hit home with some wise words as she covered the hospital's matchmaker Cece's face.

"I nearly kissed the Italian one. I may kiss the other one too. Because, I mean, look at him. I don't know if I'll ever find love again. But I'm happier than I've been in a long time. I'm having fun. And when I do, I hear your voice. Thank you, Cece."

As if that part of the episode didn't already have you in tears, Meredith's words hit even closer to home.

Meredith's words should be a reminder to all of us, especially those of us that are younger, that it's OK to have fun.

It's very easy for us to be so caught up in our lives and responsibilities that we forget to have fun. Whether having fun means going on dates or kissing that guy from work that you find attractive or even have some time to yourself with your family and friends, just go out and have fun.

Besides getting caught up in our personal lives, it's also easy to get caught up in what other people think of you or the way they perceive your life choices. Forget them. So, what if you kissed one guy and are going out on a date with another guy? Remember, it's your life and those are YOUR choices. Don't let what other people think of you keep you from doing certain things you find fun.

A little fun never hurt anybody.

This little spark of fun that you are having can even lead you to feel a bit more adventurous and it can ultimately lead you to find out what your happiness truly is. You will never know what happiness actually feels like if you don't try everything in your power to go out and get it.

Meredith has suffered in the show. Like big time. And if you don't watch the episode then look up all of the troubling moments Meredith has gone through.

Life is not easy. You will be faced with obstacles and complications, but as I said before, it is all up to you. It's up to what you make out of these situations.

You can let these situations define you or you can be like Meredith and let these moments lead you to become a stronger person and ultimately finding that happiness