If you've found yourself staring at this page it's probably because you know Meredith Grey as well as I do. Maybe you even see yourself in her a little bit. I've compiled a few of my favorite moments from the past 12 seasons of Grey's Anatomy. I know I want her to be my friend. Hope you enjoy.

1. She's witty.

The first time she met Derek.

2. She honest.

Season 5 Episode 24, When Derek figures out how to take Izzie's tumor out.

3. She isn't scared of anything.

Season 4 Episode 10.

4. She is bold.

Season 2 Episode 24, another fight with Derek.

Season 3 Episode 14, Meredith fighting with her mother.

5. She's real.

We've all thought this at some point.

6. She's wise.

7. She is caring.