While going to college and being a college student is so rewarding, there are definitely some parts of the experience that aren't the best. Whether it happens in the classroom, the dining hall, or your dorm, it can be a hassle to deal with these things. Here are some annoying experiences, illustrated through our favorite shoeshiner and FBI agent, Andy Dwyer.

1. Feeling pressured to have everything about your life figured out immediately after graduation


Especially during your senior year.

2. Having to walk what feels like several miles to get to your parked car


It seems like every time you want to go out to your car, the buses aren't running so you're forced to walk.

3. The temperamental university wifi connection


The internet is essential to doing any kind of homework, so it's frustrating when it doesn't work properly.

4. Getting tired of eating the same things on campus


There's not much you can do without a kitchen.

5. Wondering if you need a job to support yourself during the semester


Between tuition payments, runs to the grocery store, and nights out with friends, your bank account balance will inevitably dwindle.

6. Getting down to the laundry room with your clothes only to discover that there are no available washers


Then you have to decide if you're going to haul everything back up to your room or wait for a machine to open.

7. Taking a class in which you feel like you’re not learning anything


Waste of time, waste of money, and makes you hate your life.

8. Trying to make some different foods in your dorm besides easy mac


Practically everything eaten out of a dorm room has to go in a microwave at one point or another.

9. Trying to talk to professors outside of class can be a headache


Profs say that they're always available but then don't reply to their emails… hmmm.

10. When one bad grade wrecks your GPA


It's so devastating to see your hard work taken down by one bad grade.

11. Not having sufficient time to eat between classes


You either starve or shove snacks in your face during the lecture.