I Want To Find Someone I Can Do Anything With Even If It's Nothing At All

Winter break always brings about a surge of memories - high school friends, past relationships, and childhood endeavors. It's my time to relax and not think about classes, college, and impending adulthood. Usually, you can find me laying down on the couch with my mom and sister binge watching some sappy Netflix show. Recently we've got attached to Freeform's "Switched at Birth", which surprisingly gives some great advice and hard truth about friends, family and romantic relationships. In one episode, a character mentions that "there's always someone to do something with but never no one to do nothing with". For some reason, this stuck with me and I began to think more and more about it. It was in this simple statement that I had a sort of revelation.

I want someone that I can have as much fun curled up on the couch with them as jet-setting around the world. Someone who can make me laugh without trying too hard. Someone who even when things aren't so exciting and new, doesn't get too comfortable. Someone to do nothing with doesn't sound too hard to find, but it's harder than it sounds. I have plenty of girlfriends that I do that with all the time.

Finding a guy to do nothing with is so much harder, mainly because society says we should always be doing something. Between classes, sorority life, friends and extracurriculars it's hard to fit in time to do more than I'm already doing. I need someone who I can study within the library and grab lunch with. Someone who understands that I can have just as much fun in a t-shirt and running shorts then I could in a pair of heels and a sparkly dress.

The honeymoon stage always comes to an end and as we get older, whether it'd be work, passions or other friends, something always gets in the way. These responsibilities chip away at the time we could be having with our significant others. So instead of putting so much pressure on the things you could do with someone, find joy in the "nothing". Enjoy the little moments that you share with each other and be thankful for all the time that you do have with them. Life isn't about the grand gestures and amazing trips, but all the little things in between.

Find someone who you're excited to see at the end of a long day. Someone who's easy to talk to and even easier to relax with. A person who continues to fall in love with you as the years go on. I'm not saying you should find someone who only wants to do nothing with you, but that it's an option. There are times for adventures and there are times for absolutely nothing. There are times for fancy dinner dates and times for McDonald's drive-thru runs. So maybe what I'm really trying to say is, find someone who you can do anything with, even if that anything is nothing at all.

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