Sex isn't like the movies, sometimes you get caught.
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I Asked 18 College Girls To Share Their Embarrassing Sex Stories And This Is What I Got

Deadbolts exist for a reason.

I Asked 18 College Girls To Share Their Embarrassing Sex Stories And This Is What I Got

Let's just get it out there; sex can be awkward. However, it is comforting to know that whatever awkward or uncomfortable experience you might have had, someone will always have you beat. Trying to start a narrative that not all sexual encounters will be like the scenes portrayed in romance films, I asked other college women to recount their embarrassing or crazy sex stories.

1. "I had sex on his back porch, we were caught by his mother" 

I think being caught by anyone is rough, but being caught by a parent just makes the situation a hundred times worse.

2. "I had sex in [a frat house on campus] in the middle of a tailgate one time. Then I just carried on with my day."

Bravo. Going to a tailgate is draining enough, but having the stamina to keep going about your day is truly impressive.

3. "I chipped my tooth cause the guy was a really bad kisser. I still had sex with him though." 

My question, did he pay for you to fix your tooth?

4. "Nothing like being walked in on by your roommate."

That's why single rooms are the best.

5. "I lost my virginity with my best friend, her boyfriend, and my sister in the same room."

I'll leave this here.

6. "We kayaked to an island on a lake, had sex up against a tree, and got caught by a family of four." 

Your expectation of a situation is never as good as the reality.

7. "One time I bled all over this guy's bed when having hate sex with him. I didn't know I was on my period."

Let's hope he didn't have white sheets.

8. "I had sex in a bathroom at Universal Studios and in the parking garage. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do."

No caption needed.

9. "One time I had sex on my period and the guy had white sheets. Blood got everywhere." 


10. "I gave road head in front of a soccer mom, but I didn't realize she could see inside the car."

Lesson learned, have tinted windows.

11. "My ex and I decided to see a movie right after school and had sex in the theater. A worker walked in but couldn't see us because we hid."

It's a good thing the theater was dark.

12. "I gave road head on my way to Disney once, and then again at Disney."

Well, they do call it the most magical place on Earth.

13. "I had sex with [someone] in the shower, but then threw up on him."

At least you were in the shower, right?

14. "I broke someone's dick once."

Okay then...

15. "I had sex at my ex's and his mom came home and walked in. I hid in the closet because she doesn't like me." 

Great hiding place.

16. "One time I had sex seven times in one night. I saw him the next day at breakfast. The guy waved at me like he didn't screw me the night before."

Side note: the girl who told me then rectified my saying she there were two separate times she had sex seven times in one night, but the other didn't result in an awkward run-in the next morning.

17. "One time I was having sex on a public lake dock and these kids from the local high school showed up to smoke weed."

I guess you run that risk when you have sex in public.

18. "This one guy told me to 'get that shit' when I was about to give him head. I started laughing and got super turned off because he had such a tiny dick." 


Not all sexual experiences are perfect. Some can be really mortifying, but hopefully, this helped you remember you aren't the only one to have an embarrassing or awkward experience. And if anything, you got a good story out of it. Hopefully, you will be able to look back and laugh in a few years.

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